Veal Station
As the evening started our Ill call him David showed up at my house not knowing what was going to happen. This was done on purpose knowing that he probably would have better things to do on his sat. night then chasing ghosts around, but not having been to Veal Station Cemetery in 20 years or better. Leaving Ft.Worth we headed into White Settlement to pick up the rest of the crew and start what was a long journey.....longer then any of us realy expected for it to be and a damn good adventure it was too.

We finally got loaded up and hit the road around 11:00 headed out towards Spring Town. After a fairly long drive down Jacksboro Hwy we finally found the turn off. Not as easy as it use to be since they widened the hiway. Getting closer and lost as all hell wondering the back roads of BFE taken ever other left hand corner each road looking like the last we finley stop and turn around heading back to get our bearings stright or at least find someone to ask directions. Now you got to remember that neither one of us.. Dave or me have been out here in 20 years and poor ol V driving is about at wits ends with our storys of the area.

After a while of back tracking we come across this 45 degree corner with a huge tree right on the other side of it......just passing by you could see that it had been struck hard maybe several times. Telling V to stop at and lets get out and stretch our legs and look around I grab the camera and start snapping pics.Good thing we did, got some fantastic orbs and a great mist in the tree itself. Took some readings on the thermoscanner nothing more then maybe 5 degree fluxes but still.....the now known as "The Spooky Tree" is on our return rout when we go back out again.
After driving around for another good 45 min we find ourself back in Spring Town. We decided to stop and ask directions. We walk into a gas station asking the attended if she could help. Her reply wasnt what we were looking for. She pointed past me to a young woman now known as the "spikey haired fairy chick" asking her. She knew right what we were looking for and more. She more than happily gave us directions to the cemetery letting us know the the famous glowing tomb stone was stolen by the class of 1990 and was replaced but the new one just didnt do the old one justice.I was kinda dissapointed building this up for the others but my self I was on the way out hopping to catch a pic of the Lady in White that wonders the cemetery. She also pointed out a now long gone town called Carter and gave us directions being sure to tell us where not to turn because it was quiet possible we would get shot on sight. We thanked her and took a couple of quick pics of our now NEW guide. We jump back into the car and head back out just to find out we missed Veal Station by about half a block.

Finally getting there and unloading we gather our cameras and load up.....walking up the gate and opening it I turn in time to see David busting his ass climbing over the fence. Quiet a sight seeing a one eyed one leg man falling flat on his face when a open gate was no more then three feet from him.

Inside the cemetery we pretty much went our seperate ways. Dave and V off looking for the glowing tomb stone and me off in another direction taking pics like a tourist. Most definitely a eery feeling on the inside of the fence. never been on that side before but never less most definitely an expereince. The cemetary was surprisingly well kept from what I remember and with the almost full moon there was no need for a flashlight so that just made it that much better.
After spending 45 min maybe an hour walking around taking readings and pics we all met back up at the car breaking out the hand drawn map the spikey haird fairy chick had given us along with a tale of when she was younger seeing a woman in late 1800's clothing that met her on her back pourch and the fact that she could see through the woman just added to the area. She told us that this Carter was once a thriving lil town that just went belly up. She also said that the whole area was scattered with graves. That you would be driving down the road and see stones in peoples backyards frontyards beside the road ect ect.

Finding this place rather easily were drawn to a area just off the main road from the street it looks like a old church or possibly a school with a pavillon to one side and several stones scattered around it. So pulling up we unload yet again getting the cameras out and loaning V my 35mm seeing that her flash broke back at Veal Station.

Again Im off taking pics like a tourist as I get closer to the church/school I can see that there is no front door so naturally the first thing I do is take a pic inside just to be greeted by an orb right inside the front door. By this time everyone is starting to crowed around and we venture in taking thermo readings again nothing more then just a few degrees off the rest of the place. I captured several orbs in photos the best I can tell is there at least two somethings in there. going back outside taken a few more pics Dave and I decide that the old building would be a great place for a EVP. being no wind and enclosed so we make our way back to the car getting the recorder and all then back to the shack.

We spend just a few min setting it up being sure to note the date time and location and asking who ever might be around that we were going and feel free to say what ever they wish.

Very interesting results . we probley got a good 45 min worth of recording on it and that in its self should take a good week to weed through and listen throughly.

All in all besides getting lost as all hell and discovering the "spooky tree" it was a great time enjoyed by all.....finally making it home around 5 am and all but short of falling out from lack of sleep this place we will most deffently be visted again.......
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