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Welcome to Our Gallery Of Submissions from those whom are into the paranormal whether your experienced or just a novice we'd love to show what you've captured or experienced in the paranormal field.
You will Be Credited for such entries and also know that you share your experience (s) with others whom are just like you
So if you'd like to have your  pictures or an EVP recording or a true ghost story or even Video feed added please e-mail us and we will post your finding's. We'd love to hear from you!
Left: Cyn writes..                            My son sent me this picture of a recently upholstered truck seat.  And I noticed a face directly behind the middle of the seat.  I have attached #1 the picture as it was sent to me and # 2 the picture after I adjusted the contrast and brightness. I would appreciate hearing what you think. 
Also in Texas,
DFW Paranormal...Cynthia, I would think that if this was a reflection of a flash it would also show on the shiney surface of the seat not on what appears to be the dull surface of the wall. That makes this a interesting photo.
Above: Hey I went to Carter, thanks for the directions. When you were there did you guys keep seeing random twinkling of small lights? At first I thought of lightning bugs, but I never actually saw any. Other than that, we took some pictures. I found this one picture a friend took of me pretty funny, I was posing in every photo, in this photo I was just pointing randomly in one direction and turns out in the pic that I was pointing right on an orb. Although it seems like I place that deserves a re-visit.
DFW Paranormal....Thanks for sharing your experances out at Carter Danny. The place is very special to us and love hearing of others experances out there.
Left: This is another photo sent to us from Danny of Arlington taken in the "The House on Arkansas"  Thanks for sharing Danny and we hope to work with you some day.
Left and above: My husband and I are having almost daily occurrences. i.e.: electric razor turning on, lights turning on, food thrown from the pantry, stroking of hair etc. We also have a pictures
DFW Paranormal....KT thanks for sharing your photos with us. The more we look at them the more we find. Look forward to hearing from you again.
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Right: This photo was sent to us from Lance, he writes...."hi,

we are a beginner  group of individuals who share the same intrest in
investigating paranormal activity in hunt county texas. these pictures
of a well known cemetary in hunt county. these were taken with a
finepix 2650 digital camera. please let us know what you think. thank

DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas: Lance...when the photo is lightned the two orbs seem explode into many.  This is a sighn of dust or pollen in the air.
Left: This was sent in from Pam. The photo was taken by another person doing a investigation at her home by the name of Gordon
I am a huge fan of your website and a ghost hunting enthusiast. Recently I took a picture of my grandparent's home in Fredericksburg, TX. They bought it in the 1970's after the previous owner had passed away. My grandparents have always said that there is a ghost upstairs who likes to open and close doors etc... and I have always laughed them off. But when I got my picture developed I was shocked to see what looks like a person looking out the upstairs window (third window from the left in this picture). Much of my family agrees that it is pretty creepy and very interesting and that I should seek a professional opinion.

Thank you for your time and wonderful website / investigations

Starla E

DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas: Starla...Thanks for sharing the photo. The only problems with this photo is its taken in a window, and the sun is shinning against the glass through that tree. I dare not say what this is for that reason. I would take lots more photos of the house both inside and out. I would also try get capture some EVP just to see.
Above: This photo was sent to us from Sprout of Peace River Ghost Tracker showing another one of them strange shaped captures.