Submitted Photos IV
Welcome to Our Gallery Of Submissions from those whom are into the paranormal whether your experienced or just a novice we'd love to show what you've captured or experienced in the paranormal field.
You will Be Credited for such entries and also know that you share your experience (s) with others whom are just like you
So if you'd like to have your your pictures or an EVP recording or a true ghost story or even Video feed added please e-mail us and we will post your finding's. We'd love to hear from you!
Above: Heres another one from our ol pal Loyd. Great work man.
Above:: Yet another from Loyd
Left:: Liz in NY sent us this one she got on a vacation cruse. Thanks for sharing Liz
Below:Chanda sent this to us from Carter showing a orb in motion inside the school. Great shot Chanda and we hope to get to do some work and talk with you soon.
Left: Dear DFW Paranormal Attached is a photo that was taken last Christmas at a private home near Austin. Present at the time was a sensitive who told me that the deceased mother of the man in the photo was near. I took a picture of the man with the attached result. The picture was taken with a Minolta XE-7 using Kodak Gold 400 film and no flash. The photo was digitalized on a scanner and cropped and the face blurred using PhotoPlus 5.0 Hope you like it. Mark...........Thanks for sharing Mark. Hope to see more of your work. Keep it up man..
These photos was sent to us from Kim Stewart from Benbrook Texas. She writes...This was taken in Room 19 at the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson Texas on March 13. It was taken with a Sony digital camera without the flash. You can see a face appear right above the "P" in the word Help.  The room itself was 65 degrees when we got there. We went out for a few hours and returned and it was 75. When this picture was taken it had dropped down to 65 again, we never touched the thermostat while we were there. But I don't really consider 10 degrees anything to write home about. I did periodically smell a foul stench right outside the door. The only really weird thing that happened was the mirror spelling out "Judy Help Me Redrum." I was expecting it because I had read stories about it on the web prior to going, Steve however was not lol poor thing. The words appeared when I fogged up the bathroom but I found they would also appear when you wiped a wet cloth over the surface. When the words were there you could run your fingers over the letters and feel a substance on the mirror. I thought ok maby this is soap or something. I sent Steve down to the Jeep to get the Windex I keep out there. We cleaned the mirror, we smeared the letters and they would come back like we had never touched them. The weird thing about it was when we would clean it and run our hands over it you couldn't feel anything but smooth surface, then the words would appear again and you could feel them. I even took that mirror off the wall (it's not bolted down) to see what was behind it and there was nothing. So the words I have no clue how they got there. The faces we did not see until I got the camera home and downloaded the pictures.
Above: This was sent to us from the UK. Thanks again Dot.
Above: This was sent in from Rober Web. He writes, I took this pic with my new camera and it is a argus dc1730 digital camera i was taking pics of the dog to see how the pics would turn out and then i got what was in the pic. The only thing that was going on was taking pics and i was not smoking at the time, and there was no incense burning. Thanks for sharing Rob.
Above: Lisa from Weatherford Texas sent this to us of the old spaghetti wharehouse in Ft. Worth Texas. Great Work Lisa, Thanx for sharing.
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