Submitted Photos III
Welcome to Our Gallery Of Submissions from those whom are into the paranormal whether your experienced or just a novice we'd love to show what you've captured or experienced in the paranormal field.
You will Be Credited for such entries and also know that you share your experience (s) with others whom are just like you
So if you'd like to have your your pictures or an EVP recording or a true ghost story or even Video feed added please e-mail us and we will post your finding's. We'd love to hear from you!
Above: Nice Orb sent in by unknown
Above: Vortex and dog. Sent in by Howard from Lone star Paranormal. Great shot Howard!
Above: Another one of them don't know where it came from photos
Left: C. Cotton sent this in from Denton Texas, Her grand father is holding her with someone looing on. Thanx for sharing Mrs. Cotton we sure have enjoyed it!
Below: : Great Capture sent in from Suzy of James River Ghost Tracker.....Thanx Suzy!! Right:Crop of below pic.
Above: Sent to us from England take by the Johnsons
Right: Sent in from Justin in Arlington Texas.
Left: Sent in from Liz in New York
Above and Below:These four photos were sent to us from Amarillo Texas from Loyed Vessel a great lil collection and look forward to posting more of his stuff.
Above: Sent by unknown
Left, Bottem Left, Bottem Right: These pics was sent in from Sprout from Peace River Ghost Tracker....Stop in and give her site a looksee....Thanx for sharing Sprout we really enjoy your work.
Above: this one is of the lobby of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells Texas sent to us by Mike of Dallas
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