Stages of poltergeist activity

Stage 1.
Senses attack...this is the early stages of poltergeist activity it is mainly revolves around the persons senses. It can include.

*cold spots..a room or area that is noticeable cooler then the surrounding area.

*Strange Noises..bumps, thumps, creaks, squeaks

*Odd odors and smells..self explanatory

*Hearing footsteps when no one is around

*animal activity..dogs and cats running from rooms, barking for no reason etc.

*Felling being watched

Stage 2.
This level is where the noises and smells began to turn into something more intense then before. Everything is still at a basic level but just turned up a few notches.

*Whispers, Laughs or giggles

*Moans or shrieking, screaming

*Breezes or the sense of wind in a closed area

*Visible clouds..wisps of smoke/mist like substance

*strong static electricity

*Marks on floors or walls..on this one make sure it cant be traced back to your three year old.

Stage 3.
At this point the poltergeist is begging to make its presence felt. The difference is that the first two levels it could be the mind playing tricks on you. But now, its hard not to notices something real is happening. This is the level classic hunting start to fall into.
*Lights and other electrical appliances turn on and off

*Unseen hands grabbing or touching you or others

*Writing on walls or pattern markings

*Hearing voices or words more clearly now

*Full apparitions or dark figures, shadows, movement for out of the corner of your eye

*Showing levels of communications with the living

Stage 4.
This is where a advanced poltergeist begins to gain momentum, moving closer to that dangerous level and picking up a clearer consciousness.

*Flying/Moving objects..Make sure its not your wife throwing that ash try at you for looking at porn on the computer at 3 am

*Objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere

*Shaking furniture..a special not for people in California here..see if anything else is moving/shaking, if it is then stand in a door way if it is until shaking stops.

*Pushing or shaking people

*Windows, mirrors or other household objects breaking for no reason....the three year old child law applies here


Stage 5.
This is the level where a poltergeist is at its highest energy point and should be considered dangerous, not because it wants to hurt people but because it has a great amount of energy and could end up hurting someone with it either on purpose or by accident. The time frame here and with all stages will vary depending on the poltergeist. I could last for days, months or even years. After this stage the poltergeist will normally go dormant and then start the cycle over again.

*Dangerous activity

*Biting, Slapping, Pinching, Punching

*Animating objects

*Use of household electrical systems

*Hair Pulling

*Heavy objects falling
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