Screaming Bridge
Wayne had contacted me about the location about three week prior to the investigation out of a curiosity of it. Between him and Carl doing 3 weeks or research and miles of hiking finely come across the actual scene of the accidents. The real location about a mile north of what is now known as Screaming Bridge.
Above: Bridge that the story has moved to after the org. bridge was taken down.
Above: The org. location of the bridge.
Impact point where three girls were killed in 1961
On Sunday June 5th Carl and I meet up with Mike and new members Wayne, Cynthia and Vanessa. To take a look into a urban legond that revolves around a accident that happened more then 40 years ago. Six young women from Arlington High School run there car off a bridge into the other side killing two on the spot. The 3rd died at Baylor Hospital, the other three girls survive. 33 years later another accident at the same location kills two other young women. Both girls killed at the scene when there truck was struck trying to out run a Train.

We spent 5 hours going over the location with a fine tooth comb. Nothing really interesting there. But later when we get photos back things start popping up. Several interesting ones. Enough to make me wanna go back to see if anything else can be found.
After getting out there and sitting up. We take a sit of base readings and start taking photos.
Right: Carl and Mike getting sit up
Above: Track side memorial
Above: Last min. meeting. Left to Right Wayne, Vanessa, Les, Mike and Carl
Right: Wayne get a orb. Vanessa sitting in the middle of where the bridge use to be
Left: Carl captures a orb  close to the bridge location
Above: Ecto or Orb in motion, taken by Les
Vanessa got what I think was the best pic of the night...What seems to be a reflection in the glass on a dumped car near the tracks. If you look to the right of the door lock you can see it.  these two pics are crops from Vanessa photo. This was taken with a Cannon 35mm, the image showed up on both the negatives, print, and CD when developed. Great Work Vanessa
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