Photographed by: Francisco Caceres
The Great Orb Debate....One point for the orb
I  came across a story done by out of Cincinnati entitled Ryan,s Angels. (click here for article) about a young child that was dieing of a tumor.

The child's family had a big get together for Ryan before his death that was also covered by WCPO and a photographer. What makes this so special showed up when the film from the event was developed. Several of the photos came up with a strange spot or two in them. Later when the family got there photos back they also had the same shape in them.
Although not a orb shape but still looks like what the consist of a orb.
When Ryan saw these photos he told his mother they was his angels......Any way back to the meat of this.

Several months ago I was shown a series of photos from Sprout of Peace River Ghost Tracker. I found them interesting and posted them on the site.

Now heres the kicker.....When I moved the site I was going through these photos for transfer and came across her photos. Strangle enough the shapes that are in hers resembles the what was captured at Ryan's party.

So what would be the chances of the same shape of dust showing up in several different cameras at Ryan's party in several different places. Then months latter coming across these other photos with the same shape in them on the other side of the country?

Just something to ponder.........Les
Photographed by: Francisco Caceres
Photographed by: Francisco Caceres
The next sit of photos was the ones that Sprout sent us.
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