Past Pic of the Month Winners for 2005
Jan 2005
As we step into a new year I decided to take the time to thank all those that have help make 2004 a great year for us. From each person that has taken there time and money to go into the filed and endure poison ivy and mosquito bites, to the  people at home on the computer that watch as our group grows and develops. The people that let us come into your homes in search of documentation of paranormal activity. And the groups in and around the Ft. Worth, Dallas area and beyond that we have worked with.  .
Carl, Wyane, Kim, Cynthia,Robert,Shawn, Debbie, Steve, Vicki, Kira, Brian, Alison, Pennie, Susan, Mary, Vanessa, David,  Everyone on the yahoo group, Clark, Tina, Sherrie, The Haunted Edge, SPI, Spirit of the Baker, Mystic Ghost, James River Ghost Tracker, Ghost Teamz, Ghost Tracker, Peace River Ghost Tracker, Our Readers, Metroplex Investigations, The lady at the photoshop, All my familey and yours.
Thank you!
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Feb 2005
This photo was sent to us by Greg from Azle Texas, Taken at his home on Eagle Mountain Lake. Very interesting Greg thanks for saharing.
March 2005
Debbie captured this great lil orb at the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells the night before the Restore the Glory Confrence. Great shot Debbie keep up the good work.
April 2005
Once in a great while we get a photo sent to us with no information attached. This photo was one of them. We found it interesting and thought it should be given the spot. Thanks for sending and hope to hear from the photographer
May 2005
May is here and so is spring. We have taken this month to spend with familey and friends. Warm up from the winter and just to have a little fun. HAPPY SPRING ALL!!
June 2005
This photo was sent to us from Strange Happenings Ghost and Paranormal Investigations, Taken at Moundsville State Penitentiary by one of there memebers on a investigations they captured the almost perfect ecto.  Great Work guys Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. Click here to view orig. photo.