Past Pic of the Month 2004 Winners
March 2004
Feb. 2004
Yet another winner from Carl. This one showing depth, the orb behind the tree taking care of the idea of dust. Great work Carl.
By Carl Helett
May 2004
April 2004
We missed this one due to the fact that we was on a investigation in Hot Springs Ark.........sorry folks
Sent to us from houston taken at Jefferson Davis Hospital. This shows debth of a orb. Thanx for sharing eemal.
July 2004
June 2004
Vanessa of Dallas captured this pic on a investigation in Arlington Texas. This is one of them "wish I took it pics"
This was sent in from Kim in Benbrook taken at the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson Texas. Great Work Kim and we hope to see more from you soon.
Aug 2004
Sept. 2004
Orbs are apparently not just attracted to humans. This picture was taken in a home in Central Texas. The cat was asleep at the time and  showed no response to the orb. The camera used was a Canon Powershot 200 digital.
Hope you like it
This photo from our ol bud Carl was taken in River Legacy Park in Arlington Texas on a investigation. Great capture deffently not one of them every day photos
Oct. 2004
Nov. 2004
Pam sent in this photo taken by Metroplex Paranormal  Investigators at her home. We found this photo interesting and thought it needed  a lil something. Great Pic guys. Keep it up
Great Capture sent in from Suzy of James River GhostTracker.....Thanx Suzy!!
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