Past Pic of the Month Contest Winners
May 2003
April 2003
by Suzy of James River Ghost Tracker. Springfield Mo.
by Kay from Arlington Texas
June 2003
July 2003
by Vagoddess, Great Pic
by from James around Collage Station Texas
Sept. 2003
Aug. 2003
Once in a while we get a photo that just a jaw dropper, and this is one of them. Sent in from Salt Lake City Utah from Christina H. Her and a friend was in a museaum and got this fantastic Ribbon Ecto...Great Work guys!
by Stephine of Sherman Texas taken at a local High School.
Oct 2003
Nov. 2003
This photo was taken by Sprout of Peace River Ghot Tracker. It showed her as a little girl with a fantastic white vortex arching past her. During the transfer of website it was damanged and couldnt be moved. She has it posted on her site so stop in and take a look.
This fantastic Pic was sent to us from Germany by Chris. It was taken in the basement of a pre WWII house with a night shot camera. Great work!!
Dec. 2003
Sent in from Sprout of Peace River Ghost Tracker....Millies Vortex. Thanx Sprout and you guys keep up the great work, Thanks for sharing another one with us!
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