Parker and Calloway Cemetery Investigation
On Saturday July 5th I meet up with Harold and the crew of Lone Star Paranormal for a lil field trip to a couple of cemetery's that they frequent. Parker Cemetery and also Calloway Cemetery both in the mid-city's area of Dallas Ft.Worth.

After brief introductions we loaded up and hit the road our first stop Parker Cemetery. A rather small place but from the looks of it well kept up. Its located inside a residential area and the idea of EVPs was out of the question for the simple fact of traffic and the homes right across the street. Out of about 50 pics that I took myself there was two that really raised a eyebrow. This strange light that kept popping up that there was no way it could have been headlights from the nearby road or streetlights for the simple fact that it was captured with a tree in the back ground. Very good features bright, and distinctive.

After about a hour here we loaded back up and headed to Calloway Cemetery. More on the outskirts of town between Hurst and Arlington, and surrounded by gravel pits and industrial complex. No EVPs were taken here that I captured although Harold may have gotten some I have yet to examine what they have taken.

Very interesting lil cemetery Calloway is, and also infested with mosquito's, caught quiet a few of these lil blood suckers on film. Did got a couple of good shots of orbs there but not much else Harold and his crew seem to have good luck there. Guess it just wasn't my night, but most defiantly a enjoyable one.

I do want to say thinks to the team of Lone Star Paranormal for having me along and look forward to working with you guys again in the future.
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