On the Parker County tour we will cover quite a distance.  Our first stop will be at  Veal Station Cemetery to take in the glowing tombstone. Depending on the  time of year, you will be allowed to roam the cemetery til night fall. Once the sun sets the stone starts glowing.

This area is rich in urban legend but none are  as popular as the stone its self. Truly a sight to see. And maybe ,just maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to lay eyes on the lady in white that is said to roam the cemetery greiving  the loss of her child.
Mist captured at Veal Station Cemetery during actual investigation.
After Veal Station, our next stop will be Carter, Texas. This location has proven time and time again to be an active area. Investigated by many groups such as Mystic Ghost, DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas, Blue Ivvy, Spirit of the Baker Investigations and others.

The Spirit of a small child haunts the school and is quite touchy. Reports of hair being stroked or a touch on the arm is not an uncommon thing. Outside the school has proven to be just as active, although not as welcoming as inside. The area has produced great photos, EVP, and video.
The school where a small child still plays.
Above: Orb peeking out from behind tree at Carter
Click here for EVP captured at Carter Texas
Click photo above for Video capture inside the shcool at Carter
After Carter we will journey into Weatherford and spend midnight at Greenwood Cemetery. Another area rich in urban legend.

This area has also proven great for spirit photos  and a good scare every once in a while. We will spend about an hour going over the cemetery before heading back to Ft. Worth.
Orb photos taken at Greenwood Cemetery
Prices are as follows
The Parker County tour is limited to 5 people. We keep the  groups small as it seems the larger the group the less activity experienced.
$30.00 per person. Price includes use of EMF Meter, Thermoscanner, Ghost Huntng 101 guide, and information on historical and paranormal facts of areas. Tour guides are experienced  paranormal investigators
A DVD of your tour/experience  will be available  for $30.00. It  will be mailed to your home 7 to 10 days after the tour. A great way to remember what it was like to be in a actual haunted location. Additional DVD's $22.00 each. Shipping and handling included.
Rules of the road
Our number one priorty is your safty and offering you a enjoyable event. Because of this there are a few LAWS that will be enforced.
NO DRINKING, NO DRUGS, NO SMOKING  during any tour. SMOKING is permitted once we are at a site in designated areas only. This is to ensure that what is captured on film is a paranormal event and to preserve the areas.
Take only photos, leave only foot prints. These area's are of historic value. There will be no souvenior  collecting or vandalism.
Violation of these laws will result in termination of tour. NO REFUNDS
Parker County
Parker County