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These photos have been taken by the team members of DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas on verious trips around Texas.
Left: This photo was taken by Carl on one of our trips out to Carter Texas. Good work Carl.
Left: Another good shot from Carl. This orb showing depth as its behind a tree. Above: Enhanced photo from left
Left: This photo was taken in our teenage daughters room after she been complaining about something keeping her awake.
Above: Wayne, Carl or myself captured this photo on the Screaming Bridge Investigation.
Above: Another great shot from Carl showing depth of a orb. When this happens its consider solid evidence, seeing there is no way it could be dust against the camera lens if its behind the tree.......If this was dust it would be a dust ball the size of a softball.
Left:: This photo was taken on one of my first investigations at Ash Creek Cemetery. Right: Enhanced photo
Left: This photo was taken on a spur the moment stop. On the way to a investigation we passed a cemetery and snapped some photos.......just Shows there's no telling what you might pass up.
Right: This photo was captured at Oak Wood Cemetery in Ft. Worth. I was out taking pics with a new 35mm and just happend to catch this.
Above: This is one of the many photos that I cant recall where it was taken. Ido know it was from one of the first serries I took some time ago. Bottem: Enhanced from above.
Left: These two pics were a true surprise. They was taken on a trip one night when we just pulled over to stretch our legs. Veronica and I decided to snap a few pics and if we hadn't we would have missed a great shot. The top photo was taken first, you can see me on the left  hand side of the pic getting ready to take the second (bottom photo) pic just second later. Notice the orb in both pics.
Right: Debbie got this photo out at Pioneer Rest Cemetery in Ft. Worth
Left:: Another interesting orb pic from Debbie, Taken at Thistle Hill a.k.a The Scott house in Ft. Worth.
Right: Wayne got this photo out at River Legacy Park in Arlington at the location that's now known as Screaming Bridge. (actual screaming bridge 1 mil north of this bridge)
Left: Taken at Carter by Wayne. Right: taken at River Legacy Park by Wayne
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