Because we are a non-profit group we ask that each member supply their own cameras and video camcorders, recorders, tapes and film. From time to time we do have donations that come in that help with film processing and purchase of equipment but mainly we support our own.
Transportation is a must. The majority of the time we meet before investigations and condense into as few cars as possible.
During investigations protocol is enforced and expected, this is to ensure that attention is paid to matters at hand. Showing up drunk or high will only lead to a person being excused. There are no exceptions.
Applicants also need to be able to work on a schedule. Showing up late for investigations will not be tolerated. If you are running late or a emergency pops up a phone call is a must. We go into peoples houses and want to show professionalism, showing up two hours late will not cut it.
If a person is given charge of a particular job during a investigation, the equipment associated with that job  is there responsibility. I, the other team members and you have placed lots of money in our equipment and expect it to be treated like it was your own. .
We are currently seeking a person with strong note taking skills. In each investigation it is vital that accurate records  are kept. This person will be responsible of overseeing all aspects of recorded data. EMF, temp fluxes, and notes of activity  during the investigation. They must be well organized, and pay attention to the facts. Lots of times a situation pops up to where the field researcher is onto something and gets caught up in the moment. That's when you come in. Being able to take  notes quickly and in detail. This person is one of the most important members of the team. They're the ones we all look to in the end and in times of need.
We are currently looking for one or two field investigators. This is  the part that gets long and boring. If you cant take sitting around for hours waiting for something to happen you might want to pass this up. This is the person that actually goes into the field on the investigations. They will take photos, learn how to set up EVP, run all equipment and instruments. We do both inside and outside investigations. We all know how Texas weather can be so this is either a hot boring or cold and boring job. By all means ghost investigation is not glamorous or always fun. So if applying a sense of adventure and endurance is a must.

We are currently looking for a case researcher. This person duties will be all historic background checks on areas of investigations along with any other information that might be found. The person needs to have a interest in history and enjoy digging through tons of newspapers and hitting the library for facts. Strong writing skills and note taking is a must.
Data Logger
Case Researcher
Field Investigator
All positions are for our Ft. Worth Tarrent County branch. We hold the right to refuse membership to any person.
Please send email with contact information and reasons why you would like the position. And what you fell you can bring to the group. Along with experance  to Att: open enrollment