The Lost Cemetery
As so many of our outtings take birth this one was not much diffrent. Were sitting around talking about finding new places to look into when one of our newest members told us of a old cemetery he use to frequent as a child. He tells us of how him and friends were there one night doing kid stuff when they had there own lil experance to speak of. So the next step of the adventure happens.

After taking about a week of looking at areal photos of the area trying to pin point it we deside the best way to approach this is just to get out there and find it again. We load up in the middle of the night and head to the general area where the cemetery is. Now Carl hasnt been there in probley 20 years but is still sure where it sits.

After a brisk hike to the area where it sits and finding a entrance into the miniture forest that sits in the middle of Ft. Worth, We dig in....the under growth and briers are almost impassable as we trudge and hack our way through it finley finding the abanded rail road tracks that Carl had followed getting to it This is about the time we rediscover one of the rules of ghost hunting that is over looked so often. Never go into a place or area that you havent been in before or away from it for a long time. Veronica dislocated her sholder when a down tree branch gave way under her and she fell into a tree. Not to mention the cuts, bruses and scrapes from the thick undergrowth, and half the team leaving me to defend them against a killer rabbit......the high light of the evening and still a very good laugh when looking back on the evening.

Afew days later Carl and I loaded up during the day and desided to pick up where we left off a few nights before and see if we can come across the old cemetery.

After the brisk hike again we dive into the woods hacking our way through them again, this time not near as bad as the first seeing we can see whats infront of us. After hiking through the woods again we finley come across what looks to be a old road, now grown over with grass and brush it could be easly over looked at night. After a small bend in the road we finley lay eyes on it.
The Cemetery is a small fogotten area maybe not much more then a standered size city lot. Old stones litter the area behind a chain link fence. Both of us kinda surprised that we actualy found it we do a pliimiary investigation of the area notting where things are for a return trip after dark taking some pictures and doing a few readings.
About a week latter the investigation comes. Veronica purdy much healed or close enough to make the trip back out, Iv gotten all the cacti thorns out of my shins and Carl getting over a bout of sickness. We head back out to what now is a familer hike to the area.

Finding it easly this time we make our way into the cemetery. Sitting up our equipment we go to work.Both Carl and Veronica have had a felling of dread . So they kinda focus on that area. We take the standered EMF readings trying to locate a unsettled spot, but nothing real senificant maybe a 1 or 2 mlg reading that was courious in a area.
Taken EVPs and lots of photos we stayed untill the morning drizzle sits in. With the first few cold drops of rain hitting our faces we hurry around geathering up stuff for the hike back.

Not much was found there other then a realy old cemetery sitting strangly in very peacefull wooded area in the middle of Ft. Worth. We will deffently be back to this area in the future for further research hopping that we might come across a lil something.
Above: Veronica's first few steps into the cemetery
Left: Carl and V. Looking over a head stone
Right: Doing there jobs
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