Through these pages you will step into the shoes of a paranormal researcher. Explore diffrent places and see and hear the data we have geathered over the years.
Carter Texas
A year long investigation at haunted Carter Texas. Lots of information on this one and research.
Veal Station
Veal Station Cemetery Investigation and the start of the Carter Investigation
Crazy Mans Tower
Crazy Man's Tower Investigation. What we found.
We team up with LoneStar Paranormal to investigate a couple of there hunting grounds
Lost Cemetery
Take a trip with us to a seculded cemetery in the middle of  Ft. Worth on a hunting trip
I-20 Wreck
We investigation a accident location insearch of "straglers"
Goshen Cemetery
We take a trip to what is considered one of the most haunted cemeterys in Texas for a investigation
Hot Springs Ark.
Spring is here and we load up an take a trip to Arkansas to team up wiht another group and investigate the Hot Spring High School/ Clinton Culture Apts.
Euless Nursing Center
We journey into one of  Euless Urban Legends and take a look in the Euless Nursing Center
Screaming Bridge
We track down and investigate the screaming bridge in Arlington Texas
Lake Worth Monster
We take a look back in time and see what happend on Greere Island in Lake Worth, Texas  in the 60s
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Fort Bird
Take a trip back in time as we investigate Fort Bird
Bethel Cemetery
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas, T.O.P.S Devision takes a look into one of Coppell's Urban Legends
Carter Texas 2004
This is a investigation that was done by both DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas and our TOPS division along with Metroplex Paranormal
The Baker Hotel
We get the chance to roam the halls of the haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral wells Texas for a little ghost hunt