On this page you will find the links to information on Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research. Learn what to look for in photos. How to and the rules of a investigation and much much more.
False Evidence
Got Ghost? Ghost Types
Having a few problems you cant explain. Maybe this will answear a few questions and give a direction to go in.
Learn the rules of ghost hunting and paranormal research. Learn what to look for and what not to in photos and EVP.
Learn about diffrent ghost types and there actuvity
The Orb Debate
A sit of photos from diffrent parts of the U.S. Strangly show the same shapes
Learn the steps in ghost hunting and paranormal investigation. This is a basic course taken from information off the web and books
Ghost Hunting 101
Learn about the different stages of politergiest activith.
This is some of the equipment that we use in the field
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