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Help Save the Baker Hotel
The Spirit of the Baker Investigations needs your help in saving a historic building and a ghost hunters dream. Please stop in and take a look at there site and give them  support in there efforts.
Welcome to  DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas. As we step into our 3rd year we want to thank each person that has given their time and experience to our organization. This year promises to surpass everything that has been accomplished so far. To the people that have moved on we wish you well in your future endeavors. And to the new members we welcome you with open arms and look forward to learning from and with you. Keep your eyes open for new investigations, Video, and photos along with investigations techniques.
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Do you have a haunting or need help with things that go bump in the night. Have a problem or just  questions.
We will offer information on what is happening to you and your surroundings and attempt to reach the goal you choose. DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas will keep all communication in confidence and will ask permission prior to giving out any information about the case. Our goal understanding the paranormal world. This goal, however, is secondary when it comes to the needs of the person involved. We understand the awkwardness of these occurrences and we understand the pressure it puts on your personal life. DFW Paranormal will help you through the situation or help find someone who can.
How can you help us?
By giving us the opportunity to add to our database of information and research of the paranormal world. This will be the only cost to you, letting us record data written, photographs, audio. DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas will not release any information without permission. Fell free to contact us, Phone contact number upon request.
4/1/05 Baker ghost hunt added click here
The 1st Annual "Restore the Glory" Conference  The Baker Hotel Mineral Wells, Texas
Saturday Feb. 19, 2005 should be a day that goes down in history. On this day different groups from all over Texas joined together to help save a historic hotel in Mineral Wells Texas. From other Paranormal Groups to the Boys Scouts of America all pitched in to bring in over $10.000.00 for this grand old lady.
When I spoke with Allison about the out come she said..."I can't give you a definite on the number of people, but I would say that we at least had 600-800 people show.  We raised a little over $10,000.00.  We paid off the electric and water bills, gave each volunteer fire department $250.00, gave the Boy Scouts $500.00, and we reimbursed.
More on the Conference
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DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas Open Enrollment
Each spring DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas takes applications for new investigators. This is a open enrollment anyone can apply but we pick only the best..
We are looking for individuals that will take research very seriously, have a natch for details, and strive for explaining the unexplainable. This year we have openings for four 4 people. Please click the link below for  description of areas currently open.
Click here for more information
This is our little corner for tales of things that go bump in the night. All of these stories have been sent in from people like you that want to share there experiences in the unknown
The Sanctuary
Click here for the rest of the story and more.
We get a lot of letters from people living in old houses, experiencing what
they believe to be paranormal events.  When I read a letter like this, one of the
first things that comes to my mind to ask them is, "Are you doing any
remodeling?"  Much of the time, their answer is, "How did you know?"  This is
because paranormal activity has been noted throughout the years to occur in
places going through changes, such as remodeling, or room addition.  It seems
that spirits are often very curious about what is going on during these situations
and sometimes show up in person to observe.
  When it comes down to it, this is not all that hard of a situation to understand.
If you built your home with your bare hands, put your life blood into its upkeep,
and shared years of important family moments there, you just might want to
know why there are strange people there, tearing its' walls down and building
their game room. 
  To me, this is not a far fetched idea in any way, shape, or form.  Just think
about how protective you are of your own home.  The accounts of ghostly
activity in these cases range from almost violent behavior, such as throwing
heavy objects around a room; to an apparition peeking around a corner to
shyly observe the happenings.  Houses that were never reported haunted can
spark up with activity and give their owners quite a scare.  Many note that the
apparition often travels to the site of the new construction, and many times,
right through it.
  So, if you are painting the living room in your new house one night, or putting
up walls for that extra bathroom you've been dreaming of, and begin to feel
strongly as if you are being watched....be prepared to deal with the fact that
you just might be.
By Justin, Proof Paranormal Indianapolis, In.
Ghostly Remodeling
Ghostly Remodeling
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without the expressed written permission of its owners.
7/26/05 New photos added to Submitted Photo Gallery
My mom works for Hospice and always has interesting cases that she tells me about.. both medical wise and sometimes paranormal things going on as well.
Yesterday she had a case.. I was going to go with her to some family's house. The kid there has cancer and Hospice provided him with an XBox game system.. but he can't get it hooked up.. he really wanted to play it.  =(
So I was going to go and help hook it up for him to play.
But I never made it over there (might go today) because another case came up that my mom had to go do..
That case was.. a baby was born without a brain! This can happen, but usually the baby, if it lives at all, will only live a few minutes at best and isn't very responsive.
But this one came out screaming (which is a good thing) and drinks from a bottle and everything. Its brainstem has enough.. "thought" (for lack of a better term) in it to do those functions.. and breathe and stuff. But the baby probably won't live long, maybe a day at most, before its body will shut down.
Aron N. Batson sent us this photo taken on a hunt.clearly showing depth of a orb. The debate on orbs continue but with photos like this, truley makes you stop and think.
by Denise Roffe, Ghosthouds Paranormal Investigations Network
The "Ghost Hounds", a paranormal investigators network based out of Atlanta, Georgia, held their first semi-annual event dubbed "Ghostock1" in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend, July 22, 23 & 24, 2005. Savannah is reputed to be one of America's most haunted cities and was the perfect backdrop for a paranormal conference.
The Hounds chose the Day's Inn, located in the heart of the historic district. With easy access to River Street and numerous haunted locations, it seemed the perfect choice. Although the hotel was outdated and did not follow through with it's contractual obligations, the accommodations were bearable.
More on Ghostock click here
Shortly after the first of the year we did a review on a thermometer that worked off a thermocoupler. The idea was that with IR thermometers you was more then likely getting a reading off a near by object and not capturing and ambient air temp. In other words......the Actual temp. of the surrounding air.
  Me and a buddy sit around for a few weeks researching different thermometers and came across some that would do this. Giving you the chance to actually get into and be able to get follow a cold spot.
  Shortly after the article was posted I ran into a young woman who was asking questions about different IR thermometers, with that I gave her the info on what we had came across and suggested that she give this a try.
This is her review on the idea and   the thermometer.
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