The I-20 Wreck Investigation
BENBROOK, Texas (AP) -- A car was struck by another vehicle on a Texas highway and knocked into the path of an oncoming SUV, which slammed into it, killing six people, authorities said.

Four people in the car and two in the SUV died in the wreck late Saturday on Interstate 20 near Benbrook, about 10 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Benbrook Fire Capt. George Barnhart said.

The driver of the vehicle that first struck the car and two people in the SUV were injured. Their conditions were not available Sunday morning.
After getting there and talking to several officers that were just a curious to what we was doing as we was to what we may find. One of them points out the area where it all happened.
Not much left now, lots of broken glass and road flairs where six people lost there life's the night before. Spray paint tags the asphalt where the cars had came to rest and the eerie felling of what happened the night before.
We survey the area taking readings on the EMF that are inconclusive due to the power lines near by and spend a couple of hours walking the area taking photos. A few interesting ones maybe a orb or two but not that I fell was anything more then maybe dust from the passing traffic. More photos are being looked at now and will be posted of anything interesting pops up.
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