Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, Ark.
On March 19th 2004, Carl and myself loaded up and headed to Hot Springs Arkansas. We had been invited to help another group "ghost teamz" with a investigation they had been doing in the old Hot Springs High School.

Now the catch to this is that the High School or at least a small part of it had been converted into loft apartments some of the residents there had reported hearing lockers slam in the middle of the night. Things being moved in there apts. Voices in the hall when no one is around and other activity's.

The wing containing the apartments was well kept. Tight security, not just anyone could come in as they wish with out having someone ring them in. And honestly I have to say it is some of the cleanest and well kept apts. of this type I have ever seen. I mean spot less. But lets get to the meat of the investigation.

After getting a good nights sleep Carl and I located the apts and meet up with Gypsy and her gang. They took us on our pre investigation of the grounds, both the lived in and the still abandoned part of the school.
Later that evening after the activity of the day had let up we gathered our equipment and headed into the darkness of the school. My self having already developed a fascination for the auditorium, decided to stake it out myself. Sitting up EVP on the stage and Video from the upper balcony.
While that was doing its thing one of the ghost teamz members proceeded to take still photos and EMF readings in the general area and keep a eye on the equipment. Being such a large place it would be easy for something to happen while on the other side of the building three floors down and you would never know it. That fact there I fell added to the strikes against us. This large school and only four people. We actually could have used a dozen people easily.
Above: Something courious at the top of the stairs
During this time Carl and Gina had headed to the lowers floors to sit up there EVP and take still photos and EMF readings. Keeping in touch via walkie talkies on every step through out the investigation.
A hour or so into it there was a very loud pop much like the sound of two boards being slapped together. From where I was in the balcony of the auditorium it sounded like it was right below me. From Carl's point two floors down, He said it was below him. That would put the sound somewhere in the area of the library or other rooms on the main floor.
This is about the time we all decide to regroup in the main hall off of the auditorium. Take a few min of a break and regathering tapes and video equipment from that area. We all decide to head down to where Carl said he could hear that sound coming from, taping every step of the others.
Right: View from the auditorium
On the next level where Carl had sit up EVP we gathered in the hall waiting from Carl and Gina to get the recording equipment. Gypsy other half called me into the library asking me what I smelled.

The light smell of pipe or cigar smoke filled the air in this area. Turning around I ask for Carl to step into the room and tell me what he smelled, and sure enough he confirmed it.

Not long after that we all decided it was time to go. Heading into the lunch room we take a few min. to make sure we have everything we came with. All four of us hear the sound of children playing. Now the High School was used as a Jr. High before being closed so this could be possible. At this time I still had my video camera going recording all. The catch is....on the video tape you cant hear any kids at this time but there is a very defined moan.
From here we head into the apt side of the school. Gypsy getting the keys to where the gym sit we was able to take a series of pictures in this area. Nothing much in there that we could confirm because of the renovation going on in this area. Lots of dust.
Walking the halls of the occupied part of the building, I start taking notice that people have been hanging stuff on there doors. Prayers, Odd pictures, paintings. I found this very macob due to the fact that the art didn't seem to belong in a apt hall like this. Not this kind anyway. It in my eyes, and I'm not a Shrink or anything really believe that something is effecting people in the building.
Now I'm not saying this because they by no means seemed to come off as weired or crazy. They all seemed to be very nice folk, friendly and in good mood for the most part.
Left: Hidden meaning who knows. Artist unknown. If the Artist happens across this we would love to talk to you.
To wrap this all up. I didn't find enough evidence to say this place is haunted by a lost soul. But did come up with enough evidence that I would love to be able to go back and do it again.

I like to say thank you to the ghost teamz crew who invited us up and took good care of us while we was there. We look forward to working with you guys in the future again, and thanks for a great time and showing us around Hot Springs. We had a great time.
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