Goshen Cemetery, Henderson County, Texas
The community of Goshen was established after the Civil War. Named for the biblical "Land of milk and honey". The town of Goshen served the rural farms and communities as a marketing center. It was also a rest stop for trail drives herding cattle on the the Chisolm Trail from East Texas. Goshen existed through the later part of the 19th century when the railroad was built. Through this area, merchants moved their businesses to nearby Eustace, a settlement on the new rail line. Goshen Cemetery remains as the last physical reminder of the once-thriving trading center. According to local legend, the cemetery was founded when a nomadic cowboy became sick and died while working on a nearby ranch. A large grave and stone fence mark the burial place of the cowboy. Although many graves are unmarked, the first documented burial is that of Benjamin G. Hooker in 1869. Among the more than 450 marked graves are burials for several infants and children, pioneer settlers and their descendants and Veterans of America's various wars.

In early March of 2004 we was in need of something new to look into. After a week of searching the web and exploring possibility's we stumbled across a interesting place in Henderson County Texas.
According to the sites we came across this one boasted of floating heads, A witch that chases you out of the cemetery at midnight, and the sounds of children playing in the middle of the night and is said to be the scariest cemetery in the state of Texas.
Thats all it took right there for us to load up and make the trip to east Texas and the Goshen Cemetery..We got to togather with a young woman by the name of Tiffany that was more then happy to show us around and add to the local lore of the cemetery.
Both nights we visited the cemetery we spent a total of 6 hours snapping photos, taking readings and doing EVP's. About 600 photos were taken along with Video and EVPs.
Not one witch chased us out them two nights nor did we see any floating heads but lots of interesting photos were captured. Along with a couple of interesting noises that Carl and Tiff heard. There was also a curious spike on the EMF that raised a hair or two.

Weather the Cemetery is haunted or not we will leave that up to you to decide but I can say this........we will be making another trip out to take a look around. And maybe.......just maybe we will see that witch.
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