The Lake Worth Monster
In a small town in Texas nestled along the banks Of Lake Worth back in the summer of 1969 a series of strange reports started popping up about a creature that was terrorizing the area.They say it was 7ft tall covered in white scraggly hair and was half man half goat. Others say it was a ape that escaped from a circus that was badly burnt, others say it was a group of kids from Brewer High School,others claim its Bigfoot. But if the truth is known no one actually knows what happened out on Greer Island.
The island its self is maybe 35 acres attached to the main land only by a narrow quarter mile trail. Covered in thick underbrush and surrounded by the murky waters of Lake Worth one would think it would be a excellent place for something or someone to hide out.
Although, through out the years the sightings of the Lake Worth monster have eased up from time to time he still pops up his unsightly face to take a chicken or run off with someones dog. Many of a kid, myself included spent hours running around the island looking for him until the road leading to the island was closed back in the 80s.

Its our hope one day soon....maybe after mosquito season to take another trip out there and spend the night. Just to see if by chance we can flush out the goat man for a quick picture, recording of strange sound...maybe even a lil scare
Right: Azle man's idea of what the goatman looks like
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