When the body dies, its believed thats all that dies. The outer shell is just like a storage department for the energy thats inside...Thats right the human body is nothing more then energy. Its basic components are water and a lil carbon and energy thats held together by this outer shell. Now I'm not a Dr. so don't get me into the complex functions of how it all works. Because I don't know....nor do I really care as long as it keeps working. But when we die Its my beliefs that the outer shell our body kills over the energy "our spirit" is then released. I can go into my theories of what happens from there but thats not what this is about. This is about what happens when that energy is trapped or chooses to hang around. For some reason be it a traumatic experience that the spirit wont or cant let go of, the idea that there is something thats left unfinished or some other reason. Below were going to take a look at the different types of ghosts and hopefully help explain whats going on.


Residual Haunting are like recordings of a event in time that are left behind at a location that is played over and over again...endless loops of the same thing going over and over. There almost always seen in the same location and the same scene. What happens here is a traumatic event leaves a impression on a building or area. A good example of this would be that ghost thats always seen walking down a staircase in the middle of the night...Battle fields where solders are seen marching ect...Them foot steps thats heard every night walking down your hall. You get the idea.

Anniversary Ghost
Anniversary ghost do just as the title says. They only pop up on the anniversary of something signific to them..Birthdays, celebrations, Annual keg party's..stuff like that. This could also be a form or a residual haunting, reenacting a certain event. So next time your at a kegger and sit your beer down and turn around and its gone....maybe you should think twice before pointing at your buddy with two beers in his hand.


Unlike residual haunting these ghost arnt stuck in a time type of thing. They actually seem to have intelligence. These spirits are interactive. They like to seek attention, move things, make noise like foot steps, slamming door touching you, creating odors, lil things like that. It can also be on the seen almost as Poltergeist activity but not near as drastic as that.


Poltergeist: German-Noise spirit....these guys like to make lots of noise, poke people, throw stuff around, hide things, kick your cat, bother your bird at three in the morning making him scream its lil head off waking everyone in the house up. Poltergeist arnt always evil like Hollywood makes them out to be, they just want people to know there around and to do this they go to extremes like a child would do if you ignore them. Poltergeist are usually found in a place of strong emotional times of a person's life. Maybe the effect of stress attracts them. Another idea behind them is there attracted to Teens because of the change there going through. With Teens there's lots of excess energy being thrown out there in all sorts of directions that may attract them. Another theory behind it is the person thats being effected my be coming out of the physic closet...they may be a natural medium or suffering from repressed emotions that are causing the manifest ion, meaning the person is causing these things to happen with out knowing it.
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