Fort Bird, Arlington Texas
Established in 1840 by Jonathan Bird on the Military Rd. from Red River to Austin. In its vicinity an important Indian treaty, marking the line between the Indians and the white settlements, was signed September 29, 1843, by Edward H. Tarrant and George W. Terrell, representing the Republic of Texas. The ragged remnant of the ill-fated Snively expedition sought refuge here, August 6, 1843.
In an effort to attract settlers to the region and to provide protection from Indian raids, Gen. Edward H. Tarrant of the Republic of Texas Militia authorized
Jonathan Bird to establish a settlement and military post in the area. Bird's Fort, built near a crescent-shaped lake one mile east in 1841, was the first attempt at Anglo-American colonization in present Tarrant County. The settlers, from the Red River area, suffered from hunger and Indian problems and soon returned home or joined other settlements. In August 1843, troops of the Jacob Snively expedition disbanded at the abandoned fort, which consisted of a few log structures. Organized to capture Mexican gold wagons on the Santa Fe Trail in retaliation for raids of San Antonio, the outfit had been disarmed by United States forces. About the same time, negotiations began at the fort between Republic of Texas officials Gen. Tarrant and Gen. George W. Terrell and the leaders of nine Indian tribes. The meetings ended on September 29, 1843, with the signing of the Bird's Fort Treaty. Terms of the agreement called for an end to existing conflicts and the establishment of a line separating Indian lands from territory open for colonization.
Fort Bird...Now and then not much has changed
On Aug 8th 2004 Our Dallas and Ft. Worth team meet up in Arlington and make the trip out to Fort Bird, we had a good group with us tonight consisting of Wayne, Cynthia, Kim, Steve, Mike, Rye, Vanessa, Cheyenne and myself. After getting there and sitting up base I take them on a walk through of the large area that consists of a reather large area nestled around a small natural lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Being such a large area we split up into three groups keeping intouch via two way. Kim, Steve and Vanessa take the area around where the fort actually sit while myself and Cheyenne and I take the road that leads up to the fort that is cut through the trees behind it. Wayne and Cynthia Mike and Rye stake out the field south of where the Fort sit.
Above: Photo by Kim
We had a great photo session that night and captured several interesting photos along with some Video (click here to view video)If you watch right before cheyenne turns around it pops up to her left. And rather strange EMF spikes that couldn't be explained due to the lack of electricity around the area. Just about everyone had a lil something happen to them that night that added to the adventure, from Mike seeing something out of the corner of his eye that aperared to be a person standing on the porch of the house to Vanessa encounter with a dog or coyote.
Above: Photo by Kim
We spent four or five hours going over the area before meeting back up at base to go over notes and a cold drink before calling it a night. Fort Bird is defiantly a place worth going back to and looking into again just to see what pops up next time.
Above: Photo by Les
Below: Photo by Kim
Vanessa's Fort Bird Experince
i would also like to add this fort held several pioneers to the area
who had last names like, Dallas, Tarrant, Terrell, and a reverend
Denton (who died at the battle of village creek that happened on or
around this spot) what happened in this

So my riding partner and myself made out way out to the 7-11 we tend
to meet up with my paranormal group at for sites in Arlington. Then we
departed into a vacant Lot in the middle of a basin that exists as
flood over flow for the Trinity river. It was down several winding
dirt roads and ended at a Tree line. Our trucks are parked in a sandy
spot that has a few small pieces of grass and very small flower stocks
shooting up.

At this point i get ready get out of the trunk, i open the door and am
met with resistance like i hit a pole, and a very loud audible "THUNK"
which causes me to turn my head to look at my riding partner, and her
too look at me.
I say "I didn't see anything on the other side of the door...I'm sorry
i have no idea what that was."
She just has a curious look on her face because i know she wouldn't
have put the door of her trunk in jeopardy if she had seen a post or a
large rock in they way. SO i push the door open the rest of the way,
and look down at the ground expecting to see a stump or something
knocked over, and am met with a big patch of Nothing. I then checked
the door for a dent, where it sounded like the "thunk" originated, and
their is nothing their either. The door is fine. This occurred about
9:20 at night.

Then about 9:35 we headed out into the woods and began our walk down
the path which is the tree line we stopped at, and leads to where the
fort used to be. I had a good idea of what the time was because i kept
using my cell phone to contact my husband to try to wake him up for
work. About 9:45 Wayne and i were lagging behind because of slowness
and my not wanting to set off meters since my phone was on. about 9:45
i took this, and Wayne got a shot of some odd stuff on the ground that
later disappeared:
and here are some photos messing with the 2 orbs that show up seeing
if the edges are straight and look like orbs. I'd also like to note
that the most visible one is transparent.
Then we finally arrive, several mosquito bites, and allot of sweat
later at the sight of the old fort. The site is marked by this
Historical Marker
at this point i was checking out the several hunter houses that are
used to shoot game, and launch clay skeet's from. the site was used
for a hunting lodge for years, and the actual lodge is still located
their. i think we got their around 10pm and stayed their investigating
the lodge and surrounding area till about 1045-11pm i got these ghost
photos at this point.
So the group split up at this point with radios on each of the groups.
Kim, and her husband Steve were with me, wet set up his video cam
which lost power long after we walked off. and followed a path to the
right towards where 2 children were reported to have been killed by
Indians this is closer to midnight till about 12:30. at this point I
was getting some odd feelings, but no emf readings, and no orb pics to
speak of. however we came on to a group of trees down by where the
creek was the children died at, and we were taking photos and Kim
reports seeing 2 yellow reflections when she takes a flash
photo...then her husband Steve takes the camera and says he thinks he
saw what is the reflections off a yellow dog. at this point i report
back to les what we saw, and we leave. any dog/or other animal that
would see a flash go off from a camera and not flee, you don't want to
hang around. my concern was less "devil dog" and more along the lines
of "rabies". seeing how the cure for rabies involves 20 shots to the
stomach every 6 weeks 3 times in a row, then again in 6 months. i did
not feel like playing cryptozoologist.

on the path back we were taking emf readings and some shots. Around
the downed tree/no tress passing/ lighting struck tree area we began
to get minor spikes, and Kim and les got some orb photos, as well as 2
meters picking up emf. At this point I dumped some bad photos and got
this shot, it was probably around 12:45
We then went back to the trucks, took some emf reading off those. the
truck of the lady i went with proved to spike the emf reader more then
any of the other trucks (you can get minor ones from things in the
truck. and the field around the truck, was getting allot of spikes.
unfortunately most of us were spent and out of film. this place is
also about 5-10 min from the screaming bridge and river legacy park.

for those of you who think ghost hunting is glamorious..i would like
to enclose this nasty picture of myself:
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