This is one of the most important things to know about paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. What to look for and what not to. There are so many different factors that can give a photo credibility and then in the same breath turn around and turn that once in a life time shot into nothing but just another screwed up picture.

You have to look at everything in the eyes of a skeptic. Not so much proving that this evidence is a ghost but that it isn't a ghost. When you come across that one picture that you are sure cant be anything else then you have what your looking for. Doing this you will find out that you go through alot! of film and tapes.

In this section I hope to cast a ray of light on what not to look for and maybe help you see what we do and how we come across what we come across. How we tell the good from the bad, and come up with the few shots that are good.

One thing to remember is that when your in this field of work or pick it up as a hobby your going to burn lots of film. The more pictures you take the more chance you have in capturing what your looking for but then also the more pictures you have to prove false before you come across that one pic that you cant explain. Thats what we're looking for and what makes this so fun.....and hard, time consuming, and sometimes expensive.

There are times when I will go out and take 200 pictures and come home with maybe four that are truly unexplainable then other times when you get a wild hair to snap a few and you come home with something in every one. This is rare but very exciting when it happens.

Like I said before in this section I hope to lend a hand in showing you what to look for and a few lil hints on what not to do. The first and most important thing is follow the protocol. This has been set in place and adopted by all the true paranormal investigators and ghost hunters to follow. Sorta of an unspoken law that helps us on our paths.

ORBS Not all orbs are what they seem to be. So many lil things can bring on these. Dust, bugs, dust and dust and lens flare.....light reflection.

A true orb when examined closely will have depth to it to where dust or light reflection will seem flat. A true orb more times then not will also be perfectly round to where dust will have a rough edge to it. Water or moisture will be more oval then round.
Left: The orb on the left looks impresive untill its enhanced. Then it shows it true color. Nothing more then dust floating on the air infront of the camera. This can be identified by its rough edges and not so round shape.
Right: This is photo I borrowed from Matt of Ghost Tracker and i want to thank him for all his help and time in teaching me what to look for. Notice how this orb is rough edges and has texture and substance inside....these are the orbs we're looking for in our search.
Left: The next photo I took during a freak Texas ice/snow storm after dark. It looks very expressive but to be honest if there was this much paranormal activity the car in the back ground would have been driving down the street by its self or trash cans floating in the air. It still looks good but isn't what it appears to be.
This is why its important to know the eviroment your in and investigating. LIttle things look good on film but do you absolutly no good in proving its paranormal activity.

You also have to remember that when taking pictures with digital cameras there's a flaw in them. when snapping pictures in the dark for some reason they will take a dark or black background and not fill in all the pixels resulting in white dots or lights. Although Digital cameras are fantastic and there's no expense in film developing its always a good idea to have a 35mm around to compair pictures too.

Rods or Vortexes These are always exciting when you come across one in a photo they take many different shapes and forms but more often then not what you have is light reflection. To help reduce this effect when your taking pictures be sure to make notes of your surroundings. Street lights in the distance, reflective surfaces etc etc..

This photo taken here is a good example of light reflection off a picture sitting on a shelf and lens flair....the red orb in the upper right hand corner. The picture was sent to me by someone I cant recall but still want to give credit to that person who ever you are.
Left: Mists These are always fun to capture because they take on so many different shapes and forms. But are easily faked. Smoke from a cigarette are the most common. NEVER NEVER smoke while pics are taken. This one was snapped of me on a hunt during a smoke break and is a good example of false mist.....Thanx buddy. It took me 30 minutes to see again after that shot.
EVP's When doing EVP's make sure to have a external microphone this will cut down from machine noise and will just make it easier to hear what your listening for. Spirit voices are normal recorded at a lower audio level then what were use to hearing so you really have to listen. good headphones are a must. When doing EVP's talk in a normal voice. whispering only makes it harder hearing that what is not there.
Ask questions followed by silence giving the spirit time to respond....or my favorite is to set up the recorder and let the spirit know its on and then walking away from it and let the spirits have at it. When doing this outside try to set it up in a place where there's not much wind to help cut down on back ground noise and also remember what the traffic is like.....nothing sucks worse then listening for EVP's and a train comes rumbling hurts... In closing always go forth with a open mind but with the eyes of a skeptic and remember were looking for stuff that cant be explained.

Happy Hunting
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