What is EVP?
EVP stands for: Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is something science has recognized as existing, but are unable to explain where or who the speaking is coming from. The first person to discover this? The man who invented the first voice recorder. Thomas Edison.

The Human voice ranges from 300 Htz. to 3000 Htz. and that is extrem highs and lows no person has hit that range yet. Most EVP is captured between 0 to 300 Htz. ruling out the possiblity of a human making it.

With that said,,,,,Put on your headphones or turn up your speakers close your eyes and give them a listen.....see what all you hear.
This EVP was captured between 1:32 am and 2:00 am at Carter Texas. We had sit the recorder and left the property about 15 min. into the tape this shows up.
This EVP was also captured at Carter, again as before we sit up the recorder and go off property.
Click here to listen to EVP
Click here to listen to EVP
This EVP is special to me. Captured at Carter in the shcool. We have gotten what sounds like a small childs voice in the past so just out of couriousty I desided to sing the ABC song. Listen between the letters in the song. WARNING I am not a singer.
This EVP was sent to us by Harold of Lone Star Paranormal. They was on the way out of a Cemetery and captured this.
Click here to listen to EVP Click here to listen to EVP
Both of these EVP's was sent to us from CC of Infinity Paranormal Network. They was both captured off a digi answearing machine the person leavin the message is her young daughter. Give them a listen the actual EVP is right after the beep before the person on the other end starts talking.
Click here to listen to CC's first EVP
Click here to listen to CC's Second EVP
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