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Euless - The Old Nursing Home Right off Industrial Blvd (Hwy. 157)) stands an old nursing home, which is behind the new nursing home and pharmacy. It is said the building was abandoned rather abruptly, for unknown reasons, leaving medical supplies, wheel chairs, etc, which are still there today. Supposedly, if you enter the dining room, you will find a table in the center that is covered with blood and the stomach-turning stench of something rotting lingers in the air.

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Euless - The Old Nursing Home - Back behind the new nursing home, and the drive through pharmacy, right off of Industrial Blvd.(Hwy 157), there exists an old nursing home in which all of the patients and doctors just up and left for unknown reasons. The halls are littered with the wheel chairs and medical supplies of the former residents. It is said that the moans of the elderly patients can be heard up and down the halls. And if you find the dining hall, a table stands in the center of the room stained with blood and the stench of something rotting lingers in the air.
Euless Nursing Center
The Investigation

On Feb 2nd 2003 with the weather finely starting to warm some after the winter break Carl and I decide to check out some of the places of local lore. Taking a few hours looking up information on places we haven't been we decided on the Old Nursing home in Euless Texas. The Euless Nursing Center. On our first trip out was nothing more then to take a few photos and get the fell of the place. See if it was something that we wanted to invest our time and energy into going through. The abandon nursing home closed sometime, from what we could tell in 2001. Latter research from Mike and a few phone calls he came across that the building was closed due to bankruptcy.

Never the less the idea of what could have happened there and all of us agreeing that because of the trauma and death that is so often accompany with a place like this not to mention the story's that are already circulating about it. It would be a prime location to look into.
Above: Time stands still in this building
On this first trip Carl and I spent about 40 min. walking around the out side taking pics and poking our heads into the open windows and doors snapping pics and getting the lay out of the building.

Finding the building exactly as it was described in what we have read on the web. It was time to pull in another person or two and go in to see if the rest of the story's were true or not.
Feb 10th 2004

First steps into the building

On the night of Feb 10th Carl and I meet up with Mike and head back to the nursing home. Parking the cars and reading the equipment we head to the building. Entering through a sit of double doors on the west side, Not the main entrance because of what sounded to be a rather large dog on the other side of the fence right in front of the doors we found the last trip. We step into what looks to have been a visiting or recreation room. This room was striped of all furniture, one of the only rooms we found like this. We come into the first wing of the building at the far end of the hall. Gathering our wits we head down it towards to the first nursing station. Carl and Mike taking pics in almost every room they pass. And to my surprise.......We find the place as it was described to a T. Almost every room had a bed or two in it, Many with linen still on the beds, each room a porta potty. And one of them bed crank table know the ones I'm talking about. The supply closet still neatly stacked with unused pillows and blankets.
Above: The room we entered through
Once we reach the end of the First Nursing station were faced with a decision. Walk the rest of the this hall or head back to the second wing and the second nursing station. Wanting to find the Dinning Room we decide to follow our gut felling and let it lead our way.
:Left: Front Loby and nursing station
Below: Looking down one of the many wings
We make our way through the maze of rooms and halls until we come across a large arboretum. Guessing that this would be the center of the building and we should be getting close to our dinning room we make our way down the second wing of the building. Coming across the Beauty Shop then the Rehab area to find us at another nursing station where the drug room was. Finding this kinda ironic that we would find the drug room so fast we grab a few pics then head back to the south.
Stepping in through the large double doors into a large room that was the dinning room.. Kinda disappointed that there wasn't a room full of tables one that was supposed to be blood stained.
The kitchen its self still equipped with fryers, stoves and fridges. It looks as if everything was just walked off from. Turning to walk back into the dinning room Carl stops in his tracks. Looking across the room he whispers "some one else is here"
Looking across the room through the arboretum to where we just came we can see a light in the other hall looking back at us. Ok now were starting to get a lil on edge. We kill our lights being extremal quiet and at that time the light on the other side goes out. After spending about 5 min finding out that this was our own light reflecting off the off the glass on the other side of the arboretum just making the effect of someone in the other hall.
It was about that time we started hearing stuff coming from the 3rd wing. Again we sit quietly listening. Now as of myself as I cant speak for Carl or Mike. I'm just a wee bit on edge now. A brief discussion on weather we head down the last wing or not. We decided that we have been here long enough and the fact that if someone was living in this ol place then they would defiantly be in the back of the place hiding.
After hearing these "moans" if you could call them that. I'm still not sure what they sounded like and you guessed it.....No one had there recorder going.

We decide to time to go. None of use are known to be afraid and I consider my self actually kinda ballsy. But I can say that it took all of us about a min and a half to get out of there. No one was lagging thats for sure.

Is the place haunted?

Well lets take into the account of what lore has told us.

* abanded nursing home with all its furnishings in it.......Yep its there just like the story's say.

*Blood stained table in the middle of the dinning room....Maybe at one time but on our trip it looks as if someone had been in there working on something there were no tables in the area at all.

*Smell of something rotting in the area......Only if it was them burritos I had for dinner.

*Moans of former residents?.......Ok, I heard something......a couple of times, we all did and agree on this, There was something making noise in that building that was heard from the dinning room.

So were hitting 50/50 here. So far the best score on any local story Iv done. Yea there's a good chance that a ol lady is wondering the halls in her spirit. Or that crazy ol man still looking for his book he lost in 1941.

This one is left up to you guys to decide on. As of me........I think it could be haunted.
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