Ghost Hunting Equipment
In this section were going to talk about some of the basic and more advanced equipment that we use on our investigations. Not all of this is necessary or needed. I hope that this well help you to understand the scientific approach that is taken when we come into a home or area.
The EMF meter, this tool is used to find disturbances in the electro magnetic field. It is believed that when a spirit or ghost is present that they draw energy from the air around them. This we think this does two things, Lower the air temp. and causes fluxes in the electro magnetic field.

Another inexpesive tool that is handy to have around is a good old fashioned compass. The way to use this is keep your eye on the needle. Any movement from it could also be a flux in the electromagnetic field.

The thermoscanner is a devise that is suspose to measure air temp. Now.....Im not putting down the use of the thermoscanner but they or at least Iv found that they are notorious to taking a surface reading more then ambient temp. I do own one and use it but waiting on a thermometer that works with a thermocoupler to be able to get the temp. of air mass. I know a couple of people that have these and they say they work great. Its also a good idea to keep a regular thermometer around. This will give you a good base temp. reading. A reading higher or lower on the thermoscanner or thermocoupler might be that spot your looking for.
EMF Meters, Thermoscanners
Cameras and Camcorders
Cameras and Camcorders are probley about the best and most used tools in gathering evidence. A few simple rules and a steady hand and presto. That once in a life times shot, although Im still waiting on mine as are so many others.

When Looking at Camcorders I would highly recommend you look into the Sony line. There camcorders are just about the best for research that I have came across and are the leaders in night shot technology on the market. If your looking to post your findings on line or send them to others make sure you get a digital one. There's new ones coming out all that time that make my lil TVR 350 look like a toy. But keep in mind when shopping for these things. With this you get what you pay for.

Cameras are equally as important. We use both 35mm and digital cameras. When your out looking for one of these again you get what you pay for. With digi camera get the highest megapixel you can afford. It will do nothing but pay off in the long run. As far as a 35mm goes, keep with the point and shoot. At night its dark and you have nothing to focus on that you can see. Iv seen lots of people with expensive 35 burn film and not bring home anything but a fuzzy out of focus photo. Personally I like this lil canon I came across at a pawn shop. It takes a great photo and is water proof up to 20ft. Yes I know why would someone in this field want a water/weather proof camera. Quiet simply.....because I wanted it.

One other thing you should have on hand is a tripod, Iv seen many of a photo that might have been good but turn into trash because of movment, A tripod will keep this from happening and also cut down on them anoying streaks of light that are so offten mistaken as vortex's.
EVP and Tape Recorders, and Digi Recorders
There has been some debate over this subject, over the last 6 months its almost became as much as a debate as digital cameras vs. 35mm cameras. As of for myself, I prefer a analog recording over a digi recording.

We use both types of devises from several different types of Recorders. My favorite tool for capturing EVP is a Sony reel to reel, I like analog recording and the reel to reel is superior over the cassette. The draw back to this is the tapes are getting hard to find now and when you do find them there expensive. The big plus to it, you can record up to five hours on one tape.

We have both a four track and a two track recorder we use when in homes. They produce a clear and clean recording and also allow you to monitor the evp session via headphones. Another advantage to this system is it lets you raise the recording level. A evp is recorded at a lower level then we can hear. When you raise the level  you can "sometimes" hear the evp captured in real time. It also lets you make notes of when something curious pops up to save time when processing the evp.

We also keep the old shoe box recorder around. This is the ones that your mom and dad used to send you them tapes while you was at summer camp. There battery powered so going into a cemetery or a location with no power poses no problems. One of the draw backs with this system is machine noise. The recorder tends to pick up the noise of the motor that drives the tape and can carry over onto the tape it self making it difficult to clean p the captured EVP. A external mic will cure that problem.

Another tool we use to capture EVP is a laptop computer running a music studio program. This is fantastic tool. You have a sound studio at your finger tips where ever you are. It also allows you to edit or review what you have anytime during the investigation.

While your out digging in the garage for that old recorder you might as well bring out any headphones you might and a mic if you run across it because your going to need it.
Tapes audio video and Film
When purchasing taps for EVP make sure you get a good high quality, hi bias, or metal tape. This is very important because your trying to capture something that is beyond your range of hearing so your going to spend a lot of time listening to really loud noise. Again here don't skimp on the money you get what you pay for. That pack of 12 cassette tapes you got at the dollar store might have been a good deal but means squat when it comes to getting a EVP.

And always use a new tape. Recording over a previous recording can result in a false evp. Keep your stash of tapes in a cool dry place heat destroys tapes!

As far as film for your camera. Get at least 400 speed film I prefer Kodak gold myself, there toss away cameras also come in handy. I try to keep a couple of those on hand all the time. Make sure the film is fresh there is a expiration date on the side of each box. It will be well worth it to give it a good look before spending the money on it.
Battery' need these almost everything you have works or will work off of battery power. From your camera to your flash light and everything in between. Make sure you have lots of these. Also something to look into is getting the rechargeable ones. Expensive at first you will save money after your first hunt. Sixty dollars in rechargeable battery's and a good charger will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

And as I said before take lots.....its better to have them and not need them then it is to need them and not have them.
Other things needed
Flash to see.
Fist Aid Kit and snake bite kit....One of them better to have it and not need it things.
Jump Starter...........................Most jumpstarters will run a laptop computer and other                                                   Equipment for several hours.
Chalk.....................................Good for marking trees, pavment, or what ever else you                                                  fell you need to mark and cleans up easly.
Pen and Paper..........................Notes, your going to be making lots of them
Glow Sticks.............................In case you light fails
Cell Phone................................Always a good idea incase of emergency.
Two Way Radio........................Good for keeping intouch with other investigators.
Bug Spray.................................In my neck of the woods this is a must.
Swiss Army Knife.....................Mine has gotten me out of many of a fix in the field and                                                  worth the investment.

Be creative. Keep in mind that this is a fairly new field there are no sit rules to it. No wrong or right ways. Dont Trespass or vandilaze a area. Take only photos and leave only foot prints and have fun.
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