Crazy Man's Tower
The tower pic taken several years earler by SGHA before the fire
One the story is told, a developer went mad and hung his wife inside the tower then killed and buried both of their children at the dangling woman's feet. The land set vacant for several years to be taken up by another developer that soon abandoned the project. This time Treymore Developers are giving the land a shot and trying to lick the curse of the Crazy Man .

Upon arriving at the tower that's now nothing but a large galvanized water tank surrounded by charged timbers and rubble of the rock and brick work that surrounded it. We wandered around the structure taking pics and trying to imagine what it might have been to stood at the base of the Tower wondering if there was body's inside it and if the crazy man was watching us from the beds of cattail that grow along the pond it sits on.

After spending about an hour in the area and taking several photos its my belief that this urban legion is just that. Something that rests in the memories of its past visitors. Given no more power then that the mind gives it....Still the Crazy Man's Tower or what's left of it still stands to this day. The new owner not near as far along as the past owners. Maybe the tales will go on, Maybe the crazy man will arise again to protect his home and the stores will go on.
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