The carter Investigation
Alot of people ask me why I spend so much time at Carter....."Its just a one room school". But its much more then that. So I decided to put something together just to show the area that were dealing with here.

There's no sure way to tell square footage but can tell you if your standing at one end you will do good to hear someone talking loudly from the other.

The areas that are circled have proved time and time again to be "hot spots" for activity and this map will be added to as more is discovered there.

I hope you enjoy it and hope it helps you to understand the area were dealing with.
Marked in purple....Buildings

1 The School

2 The Church

3 This is the remains of what we believe to be the flour mill that burned although its not proven.

4 The Out House

Marked in Pink....areas of paranormal activity

1 The school, Lots of photos of both orbs and mist/ecto/fog, EVPs of a small child, the building always has a warm and welcome felling.

2 The area across the road from the school, has had several interesting pics taken there, although not always a warm welcome felling like the school its self, you can definitely fell a presents.

3 This area behind the school is where I had my experience with someone or something running up behind me and passing through me. Like I said before never EVER have I felt anything like that before.

4 This area has had EMF spikes that come and go.....there one min or three gone the next. Several interesting photos have also been captured in the general area.

5 This area of trees is strange. EMF spikes around the whole lil grove but have yet to venture into the grove to see whats in there because of the undergrowth. The spikes my be there one trip and gone the next to return at a latter time.

6 This whole area if you walk the fence line you fell as if someone is watching you. That general felling is anywhere on the grounds with the exception of the school. But is strongest along the fence line in back. The same applies with the grove of trees south of the school.

7 The Church a few photos from the inside.

Again I hope this will help you understand the area that were dealing with and where things happen
Our first trip there was such a success that we just cant seem to get enough of it. Each trip answers old questions and brings on new ones. Something new is always popping up there. From a new pic to a new experience so far no trip has been the same.
About the most personal experience that has happened there was on a spur the moment outting. Walking behind the school along the fence line I hear something running up behind me, turning to look over my shoulder it was like a block of ice being passed through my body with jumper cables attached to it. I have honestly got to say that I have NEVER felt anything like that in my life.

Then there has to be the most awesome EVP that I have ever captured. On the first visit there (posted on our EVP page) to our last trip where I was sitting alone in the school singing the abc song and belive I have someone singing with me.

Lots of new photos to post along with something I haven't came across before. A red dot on buddy's back, there was no way that this could be coming from out side as his back was facing the back of the building and all windows were boarded, we use infrared thermoscanner to keep the red dot from the lazer ones away.So...your guess is probably as good as mine although Im leaning towords a small red orb.
Above: The red spot on buddys sholder
Sunday Night June 8th

On this excursion I was accompanied by my girlfriend and one of her friends. Due to a bad experience I have no idea if V and Buddy will be going back out there. Two weeks prior some strange things happened to them and I think it really scared them. Not the first time I have heard of someone saying they will never go back again.

Upon arriving as normal the first thing we did was sit up an EVP. Unfortunately due to what can be marked up as equipment failure or bad paranormal mojo there was no recording....45 min of nothing not even the intro on the tape where the date time and location are recorded for record keeping.

Great photo session took about 150 to 200 pics on digital. Lots of activity both inside and out. More then passed experienced on the outside. With Blake's help discovered what appears to be a grave or a old foundation possibly the remains of the flour mill that burnt in the late 1800s. Will look into that on next trip out. Planning on taking a metal detector and scanning that area for metal that I think would prove whether it was a foundation or a grave, don't think there would be much of a reading on a metal detector if it is a grave.

Blake was also able to validate the name of the young girl we keep getting on EVP...not saying the name then every tom dick and harry psychic would know it and just make it harder to prove whether there legit or not.

Blake was a great help and proving his ability from photos taken....Thanks Blake and hope you join us on other excursions.
Tue June 17 2003

On this trip out to Carter we decided to try a couple of different experiments and as the place holds true this trip proved to be different then any other. Myself Debbie and Blake get out there a little earlier then normal for the simple fact to sit up before too late. Because of the EVPs we have been getting of a lil girls voice we decided to take a doll along with us this time to see if this may bring her out.

On the inside we sit up EVP this time suspending the Mic from the ceiling just to see if we can get more even coverage of the room that proved to be true. Also found a small level area on the floor and placed a small toy car marking it just to monitor for movement along the my daughters doll. Taking a SONY night shot video camera and placing to where it could monitor both and hitting the record buttons we step out of the building and head down to the car to ready the still cameras and give the place a lil time to settle down.

After gathering our things we take a quick survey of the grounds and get the fell for the place, not changing much from the other trips there. Still almost a overwhelming felling of being watched from the out side and inside the school a strange calming warm felling.

After about 30 min Blake and myself return to the school as he begins asking questions hopping something will show on the EVP, I slowly scan the room with the camcorder. About 10 min into this the camera trys to focus on something in the room then the battery's go from having about 45 mins of power to dead. Not uncommon but rather unsettling seeing this is our first trip out with a camcorder we can actually keep and inspect the contents of the tap and was wanting to get some shots from around the grounds surrounding the school.

Upon latter inspection of the tape there is a mist that appears right before the camcorder dies that was also captured on still camera shortly afterwords that Deb got hearing the battery's went dead. Nothing on EVP other then the event that just unfolded was captured on audio tape as well tieing everything together nicely. (video of event will be added shortly)
Debbie captured a nice orb hearing singing coming from a small patch of trees out side.

And have also noticed that activity comes in cycles there.....inside seems to be active for a hour or two between 12 to 12.30 till around 1 to 1.30 then it starts up outside for a hour to two then insides becomes only theory on this is the fact of the Indian raids that took place there but still lacks to be proved....maybe more monitoring of the outside for longer periods of time along with the inside will give more insight as to why......
Augest 28 2003

On the night of Aug. 28th 2003 we depart on our first trip back out to carter in three months. And yet again it holds true to its reputation of something new every trip.

This time I was accompany with a couple from the Haunted Edge Team, Clark and his wife Tina. We had been talking for quit some time about getting them out there and I got to say I'm glad they went. It sure help validate some of my thoughts on the place and there just a great bunch of people to work with. I have always felt that its a good idea to mix different investigations techniques and ideas when doing this. Look forward to doing more in the future with them.
The fell of the old place is still the same as always the inside warm and safe felling while the out side is this over powering fell of being watched. Nice to know It hasn't change in the months that I haven't been out there.
Clark was fascinated with one corner of the school that others have also had this fascination with so that sparked more questions on my side, What is it with this one corner? Still I don't know but sure ready to find out. To add to the trip his wife also had this need to close the door of the school...that there's not, just part of the frame. I kinda thought this was odd for the fact that after finishing up there I have this habit or need to pull whats left of it hanging there close myself
This trip we sit up a video camera and left the building. Not to my surprise there is a capture, most defiantly different then what we have gotten before but still something new and always looked forward to when we go there.
still from Carter Video
Again I would like to think Clark and Tina for joining me and looking forward to us going again in the future. I would love to do a all night visual of the place see if some questions are answered and maybe bring up a few new questions.
Sept 17 2003
It was one of them crisp Texas fall nights with a bright orange moon. Another trip and something new again. This time we captured what is either a orb in motion or a light bar one of the two. Not just in one but two photos. Again we take lots of EVPs that are still being gone over, if anything is found I can assure you this will be one of the first places you can hear them.
We got a really good spike on the EMF meter that lasted almost two min before going away in the direction of the Out House we discovered on the last trip with a good pic that followed.
We got a really good spike on the EMF meter that lasted almost two min before going away in the direction of the Out House we discovered on the last trip with a good pic that followed.
Thursday Night Oct 16th

Buddy Veronica and myself return to Carter on a cool crisp Texas fall night. Like always the evening was filled with new discovery's and new questions while answering a few old ones.

The mystery of the EMF readings to the south of the church in a grove of trees still is unanswered, on this trip there was no spikes in the area, Although its not uncommon for them to come and go still kinda of a disappointment not getting any on this trip in that area.

We only spent a few hours there this trip mainly letting Veronica do her EVPs and take some photos. We did try our hand a dowsing, not the new way with the wire dowsers but the old way using a willow branch. Knowing this was mainly used for "water witching" my main focus was trying to find the well that I know had to be in the area, that also could explain the EMF readings if found in the area south of the church.
Several good photos were captured this trip seems buddy was the bait on this outing almost all was captured around him.
On the inside of the school there was a most unpleasant discovery. Seems someone or another group had been there between our trips and left behind some candles along with disposable camera boxes and wrappers.
All I ask people is IF you go there yourself please pick up after yourselves. We don't want that wonderful old building being burnt down because someone left candles and a book of matches behind for some kids to find and play with. This is a Texas Historical site and we want to keep it around for another couple of hundred of years. Take you a trash bag and pick up some trash out there and take it with you. We do.....please help us with this.
Tue. Nov. 11 2003

This post a bit different then the others I'm combining two trips instead of each trip individually due to either laziness on my behalf or the fact of all the hours at work this time of year.
On the night of Nov 2 V and I arrive out at carter. Going through our normal routine of sitting up equipment and what not a camera is misplaced/taken. Being only in the school and the car we figure its in one of the two. NOT......we searched both places throughly with no results.
We decide to go about our biz and start all the recorders and vidcams and go about our checking the known hot spots and taking a few pics.

This trip I did a lil experiment after seeing a photo from another group. Turning the flash off on the camera I snapped a series of pics catching a orb in motion. To my surprise.
No EMF spikes on this trip and only a few cold spots. Not the best night we have had out there but still a bad night of ghost hunting is better then a night with out a ghost hunt.
Anyway about three am we load up the car and head back into town after a lil visit from a resident skunk that decided to check us out.
Oh and by the way....the camera was found, it showed up on the dash, in full view, about 4 hours after being lost while we was in a Whataburger getting some breakfast. Over looked....doubtful....but grateful it showed back up just the same. Most definitely a game.

Nov 10th 2003
On this trip I was accompany by Harold of Lonestar paranormal. After trying to get him out there in the past we finally got hooked up. Not the best of nights it had rained the last three days and the place was a mud pit.
Several good photos captured along with another one with no flash. I'm purdy well convinced that the next trip out I'm going to burn a couple hundred of no flash photos and see what all comes up.
Thanks for going Harold and look forward to another trip with ya.
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