Carter Investigation
Prepared by: Kim Stewart
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas
Solar X-rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled

High 70

Low 45

Winds 10mph

Full moon
Investigators from DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas included:

Carl, Kim Stewart, Steve Stewart and guests Donnie Ray, Andy and his daughter Angela.

Investigators from our Dallas T.O.P.S. Division included:

Wayne Kenemore, Cynthia Rice and Shawn Newton

Vicki Isaacks and Gordon Joswiak Jr., who belong with Metroplex Paranormal Investigations
We met up at Carlís house at 8:30 where Carl gave us a brief history of Carter. From there we made a caravan out to Carter.

Once we arrived at Carter Carl walked us through and gave more history of the location and showed us the hot spots. We then unloaded equipment and I assigned posts. Wayne, Cynthia and Shawn took the tree grove out front , Andy, Angela and I took the church, Donnie and Steve took the fence line while Carl, Vicki and Gordon set up shop in the tabernacle. The full moon was so bright that night we barely needed our flash lights.

Once inside the church I placed 2 baby dolls on the pews , one in front and one in back, and a recorder in the middle for EVP hoping to get a rise out of the spirit that resides in there. Since Angela is only 14 I had her sing a couple of childhood songs to see if we could pick up anything. No EVPís were picked up during our session.

Meanwhile out in the tree grove Wayne began to have issues with his 2 way radio while trying to conduct an EVP session. He would ask a question then his 2 way would produce static as if picking something up. Donnie and Steve began to get hits on the EMF out at the fence line and the tree grove out back by the outhouse.
We met up with Wayne, Cynthia and Shawn back at base about an hour later. I got on my 2 way radio to call Steve and Donnie back but got no response. My brand new 2 way radios decided at that point they were not going to work anymore.

Once Donnie and Steve made their way back to home base we switched things up again. Carl, Vicki and Gordon took the school, Wayne, Shawn Cynthia remained at home base while Steve, Donnie, Andy, Angela and I took the tree grove out front. No EMF readings to speak of here.

Andy, Angela and I made our way out back to the fence line, Wayne, Cynthia and Shawn entered into the school, while Donnie and Steve took the tabernacle. Donnie
caught a great picture out in the tabernacle of a beam of light or vortex coming down from the ceiling. Wayne captured a great video of an orb in motion inside the church during their stay there.

Around midnight everyone left except for Donnie, Steve, Andy, Angela and me. We entered back into the church. Angela began to get a lot of EMF spikes in the back left hand corner of the church while we snapped pictures. We caught a couple of orbs back there but nothing really to speak of.

At 1:00am we packed up and made our way home.

Photo by Donnie
Photo by Cynthia
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas, T.O.P.S. Division
Photo by Gordon
Metroplex Paranormal Investigations
Photo by Wayne
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas, T.O.P.S Division
Photo by Wayne
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas, T.O.P.S. Division
enhancement from Left
Video clip captured at Carter by Wayne. Click on the photo to view.
Carter is definitely an experience to be had by anyone that enters its realm. No 2 trips are every the same and you never walk away disappointed.

This is insight from our brand new investigator Shawn Newton:

I can say one thing about Carter, and that's that it was an AWESOME place. Despite the fact that this was my 1st ghost hunt ever, I guess you could say I felt like family in a way, and got along with everyone just fine. One of the most enticing moments of Carter was basically, being there, meeting everyone (which I hope to do again), and being able to see how 'ghost hunting' is exactly done. Of course I didn't think it would be that hard, and I kinda' knew that from the beginning. However, I guess I have learned that with time, I'll eventually 'get stuff'. Orbs, EVP's, Mystifying mists ... that should all come with due time. Patience is a virtue, and it's a virtue that I'm willing to wait for when it comes to this paranormal type stuff.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Carter Investigation, both directly and indirectly. We had a great team that night.

This will not by far be our last trip to Carter, so stay tuned for more things to come.
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