The Baker Hotel
Mineral Wells, Texas
For those that have been on the ghost tours at the baker....being by yourself is a different experience entirely. It is difficult as we all know, to be in a group of people and try to get any really good readings. Let alone get a feel for the place. But alone an investigator is able to totally emerse themselves in the very energy the Baker seems to emit.

Each floor in the old hotel seems to have an energy all its own. At times as we walked down the abandoned hallways we would feel like someone was moving with us. Though not in a threatening way. As if just to see what we were up to. I often had to keep looking over my shoulder. Les also kept saying he was seeing flashes of light zip past him. These orbs ended up coming up on not only digital but the video as well.
Above: Les walking across the lobby of the Baker Conference night.
On the seventh floor we ended up sitting awhile. Not far from what used to be Miss Virginia’s room. As we sat there taking pics and just listening a few other groups came up and left. Despite the fact that it had been cold outside all day..and even inside. That particular floor was warm enough for us to take our coats off. That is until the group with the psychics arrived. They were at the opposite end of the hall. And as they started going into the rooms the temperature on the floor seemed to change rapidly. Dropping a good 10 to 15 degrees in no time. So fast in fact we ended up putting our coats back on and gathering our equipment to move up the stairs ahead of them. I should say here that this the same floor the psychics actually channeled on as well. Having a number of things happen. If I remember correctly as they were channeling the mini blinds started moving as if someone was running their hand down the slats. Though we were long gone by then. Several orbs were caught on our video coming and going from Virginia’s room as well as one was actually caught coming from behind us and zooming past. Just as we commented about the temperature dropping and the psychics being on the floor.
Above: Out side of Vivians room
By far the floor I was most uncomfortable in had to be the spa. During the day with the light coming through the spa is alright. Though there is something strange about it. But at night it takes on a whole different feel. Walking through the spa I was left with the impression of being stalked. Not just followed as we had been on other floors. But actually stalked as one would after a victim. The feeling of uneasiness only gets worse the further you go into the spa itself. And here is where the most profound of our pictures was taken. Even after playing with it on the computer...trying to lighten and darken still looks to me like someone is trying to materialize right there. Its as if all that has managed to come through at the time the pic was snapped was the head and torso. This pic was actually taken about the same time Les opened one of the steam rooms and had the video camera just go completely dead on him. It wasnt until he stepped back from the room that the camera was able to be turned back on again.
Above and Left: Photos taken on the 5th floor going into the presidentual suit.
Above: Photos taken in the Spa area along a hall that once officed Docotors and Theripests.
Above: Photo taken in the Spa and crop of same photo.
Above: Walk in freeze where the body of a young prostitute was kept?
I was not too fond of the kitchen either. Though the feeling of being stalked was gone. It just wasnt a place I wouldnt like to spend any amount of time in and I think I actually rushed Les through the walk through.

All in all the Baker is an awesome place for a paranormal investigator. Though it is definitely a place that will affect even the most seasoned of investigators. The energy the place emits can take some time to get used to. And just as much time to recover from. I look forward to going back one day and spending more time there. Hopefully this time to do some evp as well and see what we get.

Many thanks to Allison and the Spirit of the Baker for giving us the opportunity to help with a great cause! The conference was great and as I understand was a huge success! There sure were alot of people there from all over! It was also great to meet many from the area paranormal groups as well.

Debbie Green
DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas
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