nOn our Screaming Bridge Tour we will be focusing on the tragic events that have happened in one area of Arlington. Also known as Death's Crossing. Our tour will begin in the cemetery where three young women were laid to rest after their car plummeted into a ravine, injuring and killing three.  Afterwards we will begin to explore the urban legend that this event has given birth to.
The six girls Mary Lou Goldner, Kathy Fleming, Claudia Jean Reeves, Donna Post, Jo Ann Anderson, and Dorothy Ibsen out of fear only proceeded to drive faster until they flew over the creek crashing into the embankment. Two of the girls were killed instantly the third was dead upon arrival at Baylor hospital.
Our next stop will be the bridge that has adopted the legacy of the tragic event. This bridge stands silent and cold deep within the wilderness of River Legacy Park. Although not the scene of the accident, to many the urban legend continues at this spot.
Carl on what is now seen as Screaming Bridge tells the story of how it go that way.
From here we will head north towards the actual scene of the accident not only the three girls killed her but several years later another accident killing two women when they were  struck by a train crossing the tracks. 

This area has been investigated by several groups with some outstanding evidence captured. We will spend about a hour here going over the accident site.
Left: Orb captured at Screaming Bridge
Above: This photo was captured during actual investigation at Screaming Bridge. What or who it is still remains unknown.
Above: Mist captured during actual investigation
Above: Memorial left by loved ones of the ones lost at the location
From Screaming Bridge we will journey to "The Garden of Angels" This memorial was orginally started for Amy Robinson. A 19 year old woman who was abducted, tortured and murdered. The garden sprouted up at the location where  her body was found. And has grown into what it is today. Hundreds of crosses erected in memory of those who have lost their lives to acts of violence are  in the area.
After the Garden of Angels, we well go on a good old fashioned ghost hunt. We will be spending some time at Calloway Cemetery.
This area was  also researched by local groups and has produced interesting photos. We will plan on spending about a hour here taking photos and taking in what this little cemetery has to offer then returning to the start of the tour.
The Screaming Bridge  tour is limited to 5 people. We keep the  groups small as it seems the larger the group the less activity experienced.
$20.00 per person. Price includes use of EMF Meter, Thermoscanner, Ghost Huntng 101 guide, and information on historical and paranormal facts of areas. Tour guides are experienced  paranormal investigators
A DVD of your tour/experience will be available for $30.00. It  will be mailed to your home 7 to 10 days after the tour. A great way to remember  what it was like to be in a actual haunted location. Additional DVD's $22.00 each. Shipping and handling included.
Our number one priorty is your safty and offering you a enjoyable event. Because of this there are a few LAWS that will be inforced.
NO DRINKING, NO DRUGS, NO SMOKING during any tour. SMOKING is permited once we are at a site in designated areas only. This is to ensure that what is captured on film is a paranormal event and to preserve the areas.
Take only photos, leave only foot prints. These area's are of historic value.
There will be no souvenior  collecting or vandalism.
Violation of these laws will result in termination of tour. NO REFUNDS
Screaming Bridge
Screaming Bridge
Prices are as Follows :
Rules of the Road
Orb at location of accident
Carl tells the story of the screaming bridge at actual location