Tech Corner
The PRISM (Paranormal Research and Investigations St. Louis, Missouri) Team uses a  Thermometer with an attached Thermocouple for investigations, instead of an IR Thermometer.  The thermocouple measures the exact temperature of the surrounding air, and not the temperature of the nearest surface.  This makes for much more precise temperature readings!  We are very happy with this devise and would recommend it to anyone else doing paranormal investigations.  Thanks to DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas for suggesting we use it.

Amy Wood (founder) of PRISM -
Paranormal Research and Investigations St. Louis, Missouri (coming soon)
We are available for investigations and also seeking new members.

Thanks Les!
Amydfwparanormal for suggesting it to us!
So what is this month's tech corner about really. Well the thermometer for one but the truth behind is.

Don't limit your self to standard's sit by other groups. Be inventive and try different tools. Who knows what you might be missing out there Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day. So get out there and try new stuff.

If your interested in this type of thermometer it is available on eBay for around $30.00, and they are sweet.