Submitted Photos VII
Welcome to Our Gallery Of Submissions from those whom are into the paranormal whether your experienced or just a novice we'd love to show what you've captured or experienced in the paranormal field.
You will Be Credited for such entries and also know that you share your experience (s) with others whom are just like you
So if you'd like to have your  pictures or an EVP recording or a true ghost story or even Video feed added please e-mail us and we will post your finding's. We'd love to hear from you!
Above: Ann sent us this photo that was taken at the Myrtles Plantation in la. Thank you for sharing with us Ann.
Above:This pic was sent to us from NY Ghosthunter taken at a cemetery. Very interesting capture you guys keep up the good work.
Above and Left: Another photo sent to us by NY Ghost hunter. You guys just keep sending them in. Thank you
Above: This photo was sent in by a group of Urban Explorers as the ventured into some tunnels under Ft. Worth. They said group of tunels had a uneasy felling to them. One of them being into paranormal snaped this photos. Thanks guys for sharing and look forward to going on a outting with you all sometime.
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Above: This photo was sent to us from Jennifer, she wrote..."This was taken in my living room at aorund 1030 pm one night.". Thanks for sharing with us Jennifer
Above: crop from Left :Hello, Just thought I would send this pic.  This is from a recent visit to New Orleans during a ghost investigation tour.  This was taken with a Canon digital camera.  Let me know your thoughts. Thanks,Daryl Smith

Daryl, thanks for sharing your photo with us. And hope to be hearing from you again.