So...your house is haunted? your think your house is haunted. Lets look at a few rational things first. That scratching in your wall, make sure its not rats or squirrels. That light that keeps burning out? That could be interesting make sure there's not a short in the cord or something wrong with the wall socket. Your cat gets kicked across the room by a unseen force? Then you definitely may have a something going on and need to look into it.

First off lets learn the basics of it all.1. Very very rarely is a ghost dangerous or can hurt someone. I have never been injured by a ghost, I'm not going to say that isn't going to happen but I haven't encountered it neither have I actually came across any legit proof of it happening to anyone that I have investigates. I have came across people that say they have been touched but thats about the best way to get attention there is.

If you want attention whats the best way to do it....Reach out and touch someone, that more then likely what is happening when you fell something. That cold chill, tingly felling you get for no reason, that brush against a cheek, Or in my case that was extreme the fell of a block of ice being shoved through your body with jumper cables attached. And I can relate there's no felling like it and is quiet startling, but in no way was I harmed other then the initial shock of it all that was settled by a cigarette and a break from the investigation.

When these things happen just settle back and get a hold of your self, there's nothing to be afraid of . After all after you know what is going on there's nothing to be afraid of...Just acknowledge whats going on and ask for it not to happen again. And Don't be surprised if it happens again. Ghosts are just wanting attention most of the time. There just wanting someone to say hello....let them know that there around. Its my personal belief that most spirits/ghost are just wanting to be acknowledge and is nothing to be feared.Besides it may be Uncle Harry just dropping in to say Hi.

If lil things keep happening after that like when you sit down your keys then turn around and there gone, more then likely its still a attempt at attention or someone is playing games. Ghost like people get bored after all they been around for a long time, They was in that house you moved into before you was and see it as there home. Just tell them that your going to be living here and while and that you can share it with them. You wouldn't like your brothers wife's uncle moving in on you like that would ya?
NOW....your having Dishes broken, Hair pulled, pushed or shoved things like this. Your stepping into something thats a lil more then the normal every day. Again take a look around and see if you can find what is causing this. Make sure its not your husband dragging that doll Aunt Bee gave you out of the closet and putting it in bed pulling the covers over it just for laughs.

Start writing down whats going on and times, also make notes of any smells sounds the lil things like the missing keys ect ect. All this will prove useful if you decide to contact someone. When they get in touch with they will sit up a time to meet and ask some questions take a few pictures and look around.

If you do decide to contact a research team be sure to check them out good and ask questions to them. If they say there all 19 even if there good they still lack experience. Not saying they wont do a great job but there just stuff here that only someone that has lived it knows over someone that it hasn't happened to yet. But even the best is still learning that why its called Research.

Bcarefull of for hire "ghost busters" Most investigators will not charge to do a investigations and will be more then happy to help out. Then there are also a few that offer services such as counseling and "extracting". My self I don't and wont do that, I still stand beside the belief that they was here first and have just as much right to be there as you do. If after told that its OK to move on and they choose to be there what can any of us do other then try to understand and have some control over the situations.

On a closing note...Educate yourself, knowledge is power even when dealing with ghost, Learn to understand them and you will find things do get easer. The experiences you have will lesson as you grow user to them.

Happy Hunting
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