The rooms were clean and the beds were comfortable. Because the Hotel was renovating during the Hound's stay, there were some noisy moments. The conference room supplied by the Hotel was less than adequate for the presentations that were planned. Due to this, there were technical difficulties that were quickly remedied by Ghost Hounds founder, Patrick Burns.
  In addition to Patrick Burns and Hound David Chastain, panelists included Glenn Woods, the author of Essence and psychic/medium, Chip Coffey. Patrick's EVP posting & editing panel was informative for our newest members as well as having more in depth information for more seasoned posters. David's panel on kinesics was so informative and intriguing that it lasted twice as long as the scheduled time. Glenn Woods shared about his experience writing the book Essence and I am pleased to have been able to purchase a signed copy. Chip Coffey's panel was about including psychics in investigations and suggested that psychics could compliment investigations, not hamper them. Chip was bombarded after his presentation proving that there is a lot of interest in his field.
  The Hounds conducted several investigations throughout the weekend. Investigated places included; Bonaventure Cemetery, Moon River Brewing Co., The Pirate House Restaurant, and The Harley Davidson Shoppe. Paranormal experiences were reported by all investigating teams. Evidence is still being sifted through and will be available at
  The weekend was an enormous success! Despite the hotel stay I am looking forward to "Ghostock2" and even more investigations and informative speakers!
  Denise Roffe
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