ourselfs. We still have a little over $5000.00 left over, so we are either going to put that toward the electrical wiring or the roof.  We're waiting to hear back from the City Manager and the owner on that."

Looks like the Grand Old Lady is finally on her way to opening her eyes from a long sleep. The Boy Scouts surprised everyone about 10:00 Friday night when the chandaliers and front torches of the building came to life. Lighting the building once again after so long. Giving it the look of once again being opened.
Vender tables in the front loby on conference day
All of the guest speakers put on fantastic presentations. Kriss Stephens, Author & Scout for MTV's Fear ,Mitchel Whitington, Author ,Olyve Abbott, Author, Robert Caruso, Psychic Medium, Chris Moseley, Dagulf's Ghost, Chris & Ginger Pennell, Spirit Quest, Bob Dean, Author, Kathleen Tucci, Psychic Medium. They talked about everything from passing over to haunted places around Texas. Kathleen Tucci had a great gallery connecting people to love ones that have passed over. And Chris Mosley kept everyone on the edge of their seats with his presentation on EVP. I don't think there could have been a better line up of guest speakers. Everyone was great.
Waiting on the tour to start people geather infront of the elevators
After the conference Clark from Landz Edge fired up the tunes playing DJ before and between the bands. Laredo opened the show with a ambiance of folk music. Then the hard core music of Alex Cant Sleep finished up the night with a barrage of punk metal. Experiencing a little equipment failure during a song written about one of the current spirit residents of the hotel. Maybe her way of saying thank you.
Chill'n on the mez
The front desk once again checking people in
The next morning on my way out of town I stopped  by The Baker once more to give her my fare the well. Looking up the steps of the building I cant help to think of what she was like in the early 40's and wonder if that magic can be captured again. But for now....my personal thank you go's out to everyone that was involved. You guys help make a dream of mine come true. The chance to be able to take my time  inside her walking the halls. Take in the smells she has to offer the surprises of whats around the corner and the chance to step back into time to a day that is long gone. Thank you each and everyone that help make this possible.
News from Allison
Your hard work paid off because we managed to raise $10,479.00!! All
praises go to Jeff, Donna, Blanca, Carl, Wayne, Les, Barry, E, Troop
1 of Red Oak, Dallas Trocars, the City of Mineral Wells, all of the
guest speakers and to those who came out and showed their support.
We were able to pay off all of the bills, and now we can concentrate
on bringing the wiring back up to code and fixing the roof. After
talking with the Building Official, we expect to get the building
open for tours again soon.